Sunday, August 2, 2015

Figs made a liar of me!

OK, terribly sorry, I admit I lied!
Last week I mentioned the glut of Celeste figs arriving on my kitchen island daily 
thanks to my official 'fig picker', also known as Bob. I also said that I would NOT 
be making fig jam this year. . . . . . . . so what the heck are all those little jars doing here?
These were last evening's busy work for me - and yes, it's already the second batch 
as I made the same amount earlier in the week - that's 14 jars of jam - so have 
already shared with neighbors and friends!

These are my Celeste figs, and they are really good - I love that their sweetness 
is subtle, that they are medium sized and not at all chewy - even when enjoyed raw. 
I quarter them for preserves, cut in half to bake, do a chunky chop to toss with my 
morning Greek yogurt.
Figs really are good for you in so many ways. . . . . . . . . despite the fact they've made 
me a little less than honest!

P.S.   To dear Sara in So. California, if you read this, know I'm finding some
fabulous recipes in the wonderful fig cook book you gifted me with. . . . .
and I really miss you!


  1. Hello, dear Mary! I am so happy you are enjoying that fig cookbook! You certainly have plenty of figs to experiment with this year. I'm feeling almost nostalgic for my little Long Beach fig tree! Lots of love to you. Sara

    1. Thanks so much Sara dear - at least I know you are out there safe and sound!
      And then there's the avocados . . . . . . . .I won't even go there - just know every time I see one I recall your tree in Long Beach - best ones EVER!!
      Take care and know you're missed.
      Hugs - Mary

  2. Lies such as this are just fine! I am still waiting for our figs to ripen. Yours make me anxious for mine.

  3. I get that way when things are ripe. At the farm stand today I was so tempted to buy a bushel of peaches to make peach jam - and I still have lots of jam in the pantry. It is so tempting - I do love summer and all the fresh produce.

  4. Oh my, fig jam... I suddenly feel .... deprived.

    1. Come on by Candice - there's a jar with your name on waiting!

  5. Mary, I watched my mom make fig preserves every summer. I know the work involved. You've been busy!
    I had lunch with a friend this past week. She sent me home with a jar of fig preserves. '-)
    Just emailed you two fig recipes from my mom. Let me know if you try them.

  6. Dear Mary, Your fig preserves look delicious and no doubt taste fantastic. I love good home made jams and jellies and yours look fabulous.

  7. Fig Jam1 there is such a thing? How divine! HA, I did have to laugh at the side affects though. Watch out! :) Lovely photos btw.


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