Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wednesday Wit and Wisdom. . . . . . .

The Family Tree

Baboon family - Mala Mala, South Africa 2010 - on my first visit to the African continent.

What is a family?
A Short Observation 

      1)  A group consisting of parents and children 
living together in a household
2)  All descendants of a common ancestor

New combinations of family households are often quite different these days.
I like the original idea of  'a household', especially when it's literally up in the family tree!

With the disgusting abuse of African wildlife making sad headlines in the news recently, 
possibly resulting in the demise of an entire pride of lions in Zimbabwe, 
I spent some time looking through my African archive and once again loved this photo
I took at Mala Mala. We were on an early morning bush breakfast drive out of camp and a 
large troop of baboons, including this family, were enjoying the cool air in the 
trees above a dry river bed. Can you even imagine picking up a rifle, or a bow 
and arrow, pointing it in their direction and putting an end to that little family?

I am just too upset to even post photos of the beautiful prides of lions I was 
privileged to see when on the only type of safari that should ever be permitted - 
wildlife viewing and photography - never hunting safaris to injure, maim 
or kill any magnificent wild creature.

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  1. What a great photo! I like the idea of a family tree.
    I am deeply saddened by the death of this lion, and I wonder: how can a man do such a thing and why???? :-(
    Greetings from Germany

  2. A bit of a bitter sweet post. Yes I agree about sadness of the needless loss of animals. You would think that would ended many, many years ago. Unfortunately too little too late. I am sure civilization has played a huge role too. Thanks for sharing.
    And thanks for coming by and seeing Daisy.
    Have a great Thursday. p.s. I think I vaguely remember your Across the Pond blog. Did you do a linky party?

  3. I share your abhorrence for killing animals to gain personal pleasure. Obviously you feel more strongly than I do because you are also a vegetarian.
    Yes, shooting is an Olympic sport. Yes, there are times when farmers might need to shoot an intruding animal on a farm. Yes, Defence Force personnel are trained in the use of many weapons including guns. But no, shooting animals for pleasure is wrong in my eyes.
    Many animals love their families. Mammals have so much in common. Feel their heartbeat. Watch them laugh. Observe them in conversation. We are all linked, just as you say, Mary.

    1. Such a gracious and touching comment Louise, thank you so much. I too feel their heartbeats - anyone who is fortunate to visit these often threatened magnificent creatures in the wild, experience such. The roar of the lion close by is like nothing else, and to imagine killing it for sport is inexplicable!

      Mary -

  4. A delightful picture and a wonderful story of compassion for the animals. Thanks for sharing!

  5. The killing of that beautiful lion or any other wild life is totally disgusting. I am with you on sadness.
    Sending a hug,


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