Sunday, August 9, 2015

What lies beneath. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . the gentle waters of Tor Bay?
Sometimes we have no idea just what creatures are out there in the deep.
Back in June, just as we arrived in Torquay, newspaper headlines read - 
"Alien invaders hit British beaches"
Thatcher Rock - Tor Bay 
Looking across Tor Bay from Torquay to Brixham
June 2015
 So, sauntering around Torquay's Inner Harbour, we shared in the unusual sighting
 of many Barrel Jellyfish, often referred to as the 'dustbin lid' jellyfish (the dustbin is 
the British name for trash can, specifically the old metal version). The huge creatures 
arrived on the south coast of England this Spring, washing up by the hundreds on 
the beaches. Although they can produce a tiny sting, not life threatening by any 
means, people are advised not to touch them.
It is rare for them to come close to land, preferring deeper waters, but the warmer
 waters of the past few Winters have produced more plankton for them to feed on
closer to shore.

Curiosity - she just couldn't resist!
She didn't appear to suffer a sting whilst we watched.
To see what these creatures look like once beached - go here -

- an amazing, but not pretty, sight.

Meanwhile the cormorants also hung out around the Inner Harbour. There seem
to be so many around nowadays - whereas, when I was a child and living there, I just 
don't recall any large sea birds other than those nuisance herring gulls who snatched
 our sandwiches and ice cream cones right out of our hands!

My true home - I'm already missing it again!


  1. Dear Mary, I LOVE your new Header. Those are formidable jellyfish. If they weren't so ugly I would congratulate you on your beautiful photographs.

  2. Ugly buggars - why didn't they blight Bournemouth and not lovely Torquay?

  3. I have never seen such a huge jellyfish and I am glad. Imagine swimming along , minding your own business and then you meet that in the water ! yikes.

  4. Those barrel jellyfish are amazing! I've never seen them before. Wouldn't they scare you to death if you ran into them in the water.......


  5. Well, I have to say with the others - I've never seen one of those before - amazing. The scenery is beautiful though. And I love your header - ahhhh summer.

  6. Brave girl! I am a bit of a 'Fisherwoman' but despise ugly fish, i.e., catfish with their whiskers and another here, can't remember the proper name but mostly called Garbage Fish---don't want to consume for obvious reasons! I once was brave like this young lady---sadly not so curious but for shock value. Oh why? :(.

    Meant to tell you in my last email (or maybe I did---my mind is shot), I saw Four Weddings and a Funeral several times. One of my faves and started my love of Hugh Grant. Have you seen Love Actually?? I am ready to buy the DVD...I always miss it at the holidays and can never find it On Demand. Wretched TV stuff!!! I'll never figure it all out.

    Jane x

    Jane x

  7. My goodness Mary! Those jellyfish are huge, I certainly wouldn't have not been that brave to touch! Very alien. Take care xx

  8. Wow those jellyfish were huge. Brilliant pictures, should be shown in the ' National Geographic magazine' In all the time I lived in Dartmouth and frequented Torquay I don't ever remember seeing jellyfish Good job as I would never have dipped my toes in the sea..

  9. Oh how beautiful and I have never seen a jellyfish like that. Incredible.

  10. Mary, The pictures are beautiful! I am awed by the jellyfish. No, they are not attractive, but they are amazing creatures to watch. Enjoy your week. Bonnie

  11. Amazing! That is one huge jellyfish. We saw some when we visited Vancouver Island. I found them to be such interesting creatures, but they were nowhere near the size of this one.
    Your true home is a lovely place. I can see why you would miss it.

  12. Oh my, I have never seen jellyfish like these. They are huge! Growing up in California small ones would wash up on the beach and if touched we did get stung. I would swim in the ocean too and occasionally get stung by one touching my leg as it swam by. Memories! That is amazing that the little girl could just reach out and touch one. Large shore birds are so beautiful.

  13. Those jellyfish are amazing! I've never seen any like that. I find them fascinating to watch, the way they pulsate through the water. Tor Bay is a gorgeous place, a good subject for your equally gorgeous photos.


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