Saturday, August 22, 2015

Displaying Your Photos, Part II

A year or so ago I placed my first print order for small 'contact cards' using two of my own photos. I no longer have a business, but I do have a blog . . . and sometimes during my travels I like to hand someone a card with my personal info so they can stop by the blog, or drop me an e-mail if so inclined. These small cards can be printed on both sides and therefore can be used as business cards.

You can just see my two cards above, but 
even more important, you can see the 
recent correspondence which accompanied 
my latest order.
I'm loving this small, friendly print business in San Francisco - 

It was here I found another way to get some favorite photos I'd taken - shown in my last post - so they can be displayed casually in my home. I have very little wall space for hanging photos and, although photo books are nice, they are often stuffed away in bookcases, or in my case hidden in armoires.

These are Social Print Studio's 4" X 4" squares. 
The archival card stock used is an excellent quality, not 
at all flimsy, with a smooth matte finish which feels 
silky . . . and at $12 for 24 prints, great value.

The actual printing is even better than my photos here - 
had lighting problems when photographing them. 
I am very happy with the print quality and colors.

I also purchased one of Social Print Studio's Ipe wood 
blocks to display my prints. This makes it easy to change 
them around depending which one I might want to view 
on a particular day.

If you visit Social Print Studio you can see their interesting product line which includes many sizes of prints, cards, books etc.  It was quite easy to upload my photos - the one problem I encountered which required an e-mail brought a very quick and helpful response. This is a group of young, vibrant artists, all working hard to bring great products to those of us who love to take photographs and then do something special with them!

I'm now planning to have more prints made - I do have an awful lot of photos - perhaps some greeting cards, and more sets of squares including some I'm thinking will make great gifts for the holiday season . . . . . which, like it or not, will be here before we know it.


  1. It's so easy these days to use your own photos for making so many things. The cards are a great idea and your photos are absolutely gorgeous. Sounds like the price is right, too.

  2. These cards sound like a great idea. I like the 4 x 4 format - looks elegant and modern.

  3. That really intrigued me. I am definitely gonna look that place up as I need business cards to hand to prospective buyers of my recently published book. Thanks for the great idea.

  4. What a wonderful way to display your beautiful photos. I am going to check them out!

    1. They are really nice to work with Penny - such a fun bunch of people if you watch their video!
      Today they actually sent me a lovely thank you note and a quite unexpected gift after I directed them to my blog post! I didn't expect that, just wanted to give everyone a heads up about their business and excellent products!

      Mary -

  5. This is a great way to display your stunning photo's of exotic places. So much better than having them in a book.

  6. A very nice way to have your photos around....I have to chech if there's something not too expensive here too...
    Btw I've finished with my posts about our last vacation in Austria, you're more than welcome to visit

  7. I am definitely going to order some contact card for my website and blogs. I have been realizing I needed something new and this is perfect. Thanks! I love them.

  8. Love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing the info.

  9. This is awesome! recently I just tired touchingprints to make DIY. Their service of printing instagram and facebook are pretty cool, check this out:


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