Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Well I'll be domed!

Last weekend Jasmin messaged me from her fun, part time workplace 
It was a photo of another display dome and it had just arrived 
at the shop - was I interested?
You bet I was. "Please hold it for me dear personal shopper
Nice wood base, glass dome about 13" tall.
Took a ride over later in the afternoon and sweet co-owner 
Jenny gave me a great deal - thanks as always Jenny.

For now I'm displaying three resin life-sized artichokes 
as they are cool-looking - later I'm thinking a stack of 
mini pumpkins, perhaps sprayed matte 
nickel silver - I loved that look on these larger 
ones I painted last Autumn.

I can't believe I'm already thinking about decorating for 
Autumn. I bet you have special things you're planning
to display this coming season . . . . . .  
when it's cooler and our energy has returned.
I'm even thinking wool coats, sweaters and tall boots. . . 
can't come soon enough for me after this hot Summer! 


  1. Jasmin knows you well. :) It's 6 p.m. here, 102 degrees and very humid.

  2. That is a beautiful dome Mary. I saw some in a shop in St. Andrews recently without bases so they could be set on anything solid I guess. I'm not quite ready for fall decorating but I feel I do need to change some things around. Just not sure what to do yet. We're still having some heat and humidity this week but I believe it will cool down a lot on Thursday night and thus the fall temperatures will begin. It's inevitable. Enjoy the day. Hugs. Pam

  3. Lucky you! That's a great dome. How many of them do you have? I like seeing them all grouped together in varying sizes and heights.

    Summer is so short here (although this one has been long and lovely), that I don't want to think about fall quite yet. But there's a chill in the air come evening that has me reaching for a sweater and brewing a cup of tea.

  4. What a lovely dome. Jasmin did good! I do love fall, but not quite ready to think about it yet. I have actually enjoyed the hot summer, though I did not have to maintain a yard or garden, other than watering a few containers with my herbs and tomatoes.

  5. Mary, it's always prudent to have those personal shoppers ready to snag something new the minute it comes in. '-)
    I confess, I don't have any of these pretty domes. Well, I take that back, I found a very small one last spring that came home with me. It's the perfect size for sitting on a stack of books on a shelf.
    Not thinking sweaters, coats, and boots here just yet. Still struggling with triple digits. Grrrrr.

  6. There is no place like dome . I am giddy from nerves. My house will be officially sold in 30 days. My nerves are officially frazzled today. I think of all those Victoria still life things under domes with dead butterflies and dried flowers and creepy stuff lol I think a beautiful large piece of uncut crystal of some sort would be interesting under it.

  7. Oh the possibilities for that lovely dome. Your Jasmin does indeed know you well. How thoughtful of her to see your name written all over this piece.
    I think many of us in the south are getting itchy for autumn breezes. I know I am.

  8. A gorgeous 'cabinet of curiosities' Mary. Have fun with different 'exhibits'.....twigs, seed pods, stones, crumpled vintage papers, industrial bits and pieces etc etc...you could change it to match the occasion! Enjoy!

    And I'm looking forward to seeing that new merlot coat too.



  9. How wonderful to have a personal shopper/granddaughter who also knows what you like. I love the dome sooooo much. I just got home from browsing the antique shop and didn't bring one thing home. But at Goodwill I found the best Halloween costume for D. He is going to be beside himself as it is a fire fighter and that is all he talks about these days.

  10. This is simply beautiful, Mary---and large! You are going to have a ball finding things to display under it. Jasmine is a doll.

    I have bought a few pairs of shoes and booties. Okay, two pairs of jeans as well. Sweaters...I have to wait and see what I like a bit more. We can dream of the cooler weather, right?

    Jane x

  11. I can't even think right now. I love your barber's case. I have one similar.

    1. Donna thanks, I had no idea it was a 'barber's case'. I found it in one of my favorite antiques places in Asheville, NC and had to have it. It was grungy but I cleaned it - no painting though, it's how I love it.

      Mary -

  12. So great to have your daughter-in-law looking for nice finds for you! Love the dome and the nice little case (I am seeing from the previous commenter, it's a barber's case). Thanks for your recent comments! I am trying to get a little better "caught up" this morning.


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