Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday Fashion and Health Update ~

This morning I started back walking - for exercise and health.
I arrived at the running track of a nearby school at 6:45 AM and walked four laps, taking 20 minutes. Didn't want to hurry it being my first time out distance walking in a while due to the  steamy Summer heat.
I plan to walk several mornings a week until I leave for Europe. I'll be on my feet a lot whilst there, plus I want to be able to enjoy French cheese so need to lose a few pounds, LOL! I'm trying to keep any possible back surgery at bay and am so thankful I declined the surgery in January. Thrilled to report that so far the one injection and PT have continued to banish almost all my pain these last seven months, and walking is quite comfortable. 
I give thanks every day.

So, no exercise clothes here but I will share my new coat for the soon to be here cooler weather.

I'm still coming to grips with actually stepping outside my neutral color box and buying a red coat! I haven't worn a really bright color, especially red, in many years, not since I changed my hair color to red. Now that I'm more brunette with some dark reddish tones (I love how my colorist has been adding them to my growing out hair), I think this 'Bordeaux' shade works.

I love coats and have a couple from years back including my classic camel and a black/white bouclé tweed. I saw this Zara coat online and it's a style I like - loose, unstructured, unlined, and can be worn casual or dressy. Textured fabric is wool/viscose blend, knee length is good and it has a walking slit in back, both good with tall boots. Color is great with denim, black, grey and some blues, all of which make up my Winter wardrobe. An extra was the construction - I fell for the facings being on the outside and topstitched - and also the deep pockets and really long sleeves (I have long arms), Being unlined, all inside seams are finished with black binding - I like that too.
At $149 I think it's a good buy - also free shipping, non-taxable as there are no bricks and mortar Zara shops in my state.

via Zara

What do you think? Will this red coat make me happy on dull Winter days?
Will having a warm red coat to throw on during the Holiday season make me a little more festive? 
Does it work with my hair?
Be honest - I'm counting on you - and I have removed the tags!!!


  1. You'll look like a Zara model in this coat! It's beautiful in the picture- it'll be gorgeous on you. A nice, colorful touch to a drab, dreary winter day. Love you!!

    P.S. Can't wait to curl your hair for you! xo

    1. Jasmin - you are a sweet granddaughter and we do have fun with fashion and hair don't we?
      I'll get us a curling iron - haven't used one in years - and we can experiment with the loose curls.
      See you at the theatre tonight x

  2. It is the perfect choice Mary - you will look stunning

  3. I think your red coat will be the perfect antidote for the winter blahs - a little colour, especially when it's a muted rich tone like your coat, adds so much. And it will complement your basic wardrobe AND your hair!

  4. It's a great style Mary and lovely to have some colour on those dreary winter days!
    Works perfectly with your gorgeous hair colour!
    I read Jasmins comment - what a sweet relationship you two have!
    I'm emailing you today!

  5. Hi Mary,
    Love the coat, good choice, will have to check it out! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Glad you are resuming walking. We have a program here called Steptember. Walk every day and try to achieve a set number of steps. I know my phone will count my steps. Keep those muscles strong to minimise back problems.

  7. LOVE the coat! And I know it will look fabulous on you. Love the hair style you are growing into as well!

  8. I think you will look lovely! Red is such a fun color.

  9. Mary, I really like your new coat! It is a beautiful shade of cranberry red and will look wonderful with your new hairstyle and colour (love that too!) and also brighten up the winter days. Your coat would be great for our early winter and late spring or a nice day just going shopping and not out in the bitter cold. I didn't know you were growing your hair out longer. Good for you. I'm envious of your lovely thick hair! Have a nice evening. xx Pam

  10. Love the coat and yes, it will look just fine with your hair color! Unfortunately, I can't wear wool or even any garment made with a small amount of wool, as I'm highly allergic to it. Makes me itch like crazy. And I'm the opposite with you with my arms - mine are short! I always have to roll sleeves up. Glad to hear you're walking and that it helps keep your back pain at bay.

  11. Trés chic Madam!!!!!!! Mary, it's fabulous! Would love to see YOU in it darling.....maybe in a future post?

    I remember some years back we visited Wellington, New Zealand and one cold, windy morning in a sea of black and grey this fabulous woman appeared in a long merlot red coat! WOW! Did she look fabulous! As I'm sure you will!

    All your wardrobe colours will look great with will teal, amethyst, saffron etc go colourfully wild with boots, tights, gloves, scarves, berets!

    Have fun looking fab Mary. Great choice. And yes, it will definitely lift your spirits on a dull (or bright) Winter's day!



  12. I'm thrilled to hear you are doing well-,Mary-walking (and so early in the morning!!), I think that's terrific.

    The coat is gorgeous and you do know your fabrics and cuts. And when we order online we always have the option of someone who can do alterations. I recently found a local woman who does this work out of her home and quite reasonably. She's a gem. And your new hair style and color---tell me more!! A trip to Europe. Can't stand not knowing more!!

    Love to you...

    Jane x

  13. Gorgeous coat Mary and I have no doubt that not only does it suit you well but that also it makes you feel good. I have always been a neutral or black person but last winter bought a red coat and I feel wonderful in it.
    Incidentally when you saw 'mules' in the sheep pen, they are not mules as in donkey but just a cross breed of sheep. Up[ here in the Dales they have what to me (an outsider) are very odd names for sheep.

  14. Absolutely lovely coat, makes you feel cheerful just looking at it!

  15. The color of the coat is one of my favorites so I give it two thumbs up. :) Glad to hear that you are feeling good. I will drop my son at school tomorrow and try to walk after that. Hoping it will be bearable even though our temps are still getting up to 120.

  16. Dear Mary, What a fabulous decision you have made. That wonderful red will look especially nice on you. Congratulations on getting away from those neutral colors just this once.

  17. It is gorgeous and will definitely go with your hair. I have been looking for a long, comfy, casual type jacket/coat. This would be perfect.
    What a pretty shade of red.


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