Saturday, August 15, 2015

Winging it . . . . . . . . . .

As mentioned recently, there are still surprises hidden in the garden even when 
the flowers aren't blooming due to the weather conditions.

Yesterday I found two - a dragonfly wing and a huge toadstool which had popped up 
under the fig tree. The lumpy fungus cannot be mistaken for a mushroom by any means, 
but it definitely has an astonishing beauty all of its own.
I think this is the Black-staining polypore -  Meriplus sumstinel- which 
grows around the base or stumps of deciduous trees, July through September, and can
reach 32 inches across - this one was about 10 inches.

As for the ethereal and delicate beauty of a tiny wing, discarded on the front 
steps . . . . . one wonders what happened to the dragonfly. 
I so hope it had its days in the sun.

Here's hoping your weekend has a few lovely 
surprises in store for you.


  1. The fungus is great - I enjoy looking for anything like that when I'm out in the country. The dragonflies wing is beautiful, so delicate and ethereal looking.

  2. dragonflies and toadstools, what can be better to find on a summer day. Beautiful!

  3. The toadstool is great - but that dragonfly wing - amazing. I've never found one, what good luck.

  4. Lovely ephemera from nature. Don't these little gifts make you smile and give thanks? Hope your weekend is going well.

  5. Isn't that wing so beautiful. I would feel so blessed to find such a treasure although I would wonder, too, what happened to the dragonfly. Deb

  6. Dear Mary, Wonderful photographs! You captured the wing so beautifully.

  7. Amazing what we find when we really look. Your photos are outstanding.

    I'm seeing figs in the grocery and knew you would be the person to talk to---unfortunately my laptop is loading slowly so I'll have to come back.

    Have a good start to the week, Mary!

    Jane x


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