Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A 'tweet' from Ms. Ruby herself!

"Mary doesn't often do a 'guest post'  as she never seems to be at a loss for words!
However, today she's allowing me to tell you what I've been up to. . . . . . . . . teasing 
her and that big camera she's always trying to focus through the dining room windows."

"I think I've found a nice home around this family's front porch". 
Even that old guy Bob treated me to a shiny new feeder this Summer and
 the bees and ants haven't come to share it, yet!
Today, besides quick flights between the bright red nectar feeder and the 
brilliant Heavenly Blue morning glories, I'm enjoying short rests here
on the jasmine vine near the front door. It's the first time Mary has noticed 
how I like to perch here and ruffle my feathers now and then." 

"At the weekend Mary was out here. . . . . when not doing things in the kitchen with all 
those beautiful figs Bob keeps picking. . . . .  pruning the unruly morning glories 
and jasmine climbing the porch just as I came by for a sip of nectar. 
I decided not to fly off, instead I actually chirped at her several times - she 
seemed very excited to know I have a voice too, so she's allowing me to tweet 
here a bit today."

"But yes, I am a little shy and I give this lady such a hard time as she tries to 
snap my portrait to share with you. As you can see, I like to hide behind things 
and when I make my move I certainly don't waste any time, I'm gone in a flash. 
She is patient but I know she's still trying for the perfect shot - I really should  
 start slowing down a bit."

"Thanks for 'tweeting' back at me - I'll be waiting to hear from you."


  1. Tweet, tweet ~ beautiful shots, Mary!

  2. Such sweet images. I had the opportunity to catch some resting hummers in the States but sadly never had my big camera on me at the time. :( Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Nice photos - the Morning Glory is beautiful.

  4. Mrs Ruby is enjoying playing games with you. Fabulous shots.

  5. How nice of you Ms Ruby - to "tweet" here. You are sweet to let Mary get photos of you - could you speak to your cousins on the west coast and ask them to slow down a bit too. Lovely morning glory, by the way.


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