Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Patience required. . . . . . . .

 . . . . . . to photograph a hummingbird as, bleary-eyed, you stand at the window sipping
 your first wake-up mug of coffee!

I know you're getting tired of fig stories so now I'm bombarding you with bird photos.
Figs, hummingbirds-------------hummingbirds, figs, whatever, you have to admit both
exude beauty of the summertime season, and when they are right outside your window,
 all the better.
 Ms. Hummer is still here, alone. This morning she was busy on the porch, 
darting from the feeder to the morning glories, dipping in non-stop for no more 
than 10 seconds, flying off in a whirr, then returning in a few minutes for more nectar. 
I wish a male would come too - I would love a photo of his ruby throat.

Today I was lucky enough to have my old Olympus at hand - it's slow but has a much 
better setting for capturing birds than the small point and shoot. I should get my DSLR 
out too, then I might get some really sharp photos to share. It took me ages to get
these - those birds are so quick and don't hang around or pose for you, and don't forget
 I took them through the dining room window, which requires a good clean!

Waiting for birds, just another pastime of retired people, haha!
I tidied these pix up a bit but I did not add the bokeh effect - that just came naturally.
At least here you can see a little of the beautiful green and blue feathers on her 
back and head, and get a feeling of those fast fluttering wings.
I'm happy to see that hummingbirds like blue as well as red flowers - and of 
course they do prefer trumpet-shaped blooms so I guess these produce the nectar 
they enjoy early morning prior to the petals rolling up and dying. Tomorrow 
morning there will be more blooms and I'll be looking for Ms. Hummer. She actually 
flew right up to me at the window today - now if only I could have caught that view of 
such a tiny garden beauty.
Morning Glory - Heavenly Blue
Note the one delicate strand of a spider's web - I just couldn't bring myself to remove it!


  1. Divine!!!!!! Gorgeous photographs.

    What a beauty that hummingbird is! Aren't you lucky to have such a glorious little visitor.

    And bird watching......bring it on. Should be more of it I reckon!



  2. Mary, you pictures are fabulous. Oh how I love the morning glories. They are the perfect background for the hummingbirds. Enjoy!

  3. The morning glories are a beautiful colour. I remember watching the hummingbirds on my aunt's porch when I was in Canada many years ago. They are incredible little birds.

  4. Astonishing. I've never seen a hummingbird - and it's all I can do to get a clear shot of a sedentary creature like swan!

  5. I do love Morning Glory, it is a plant that flourishes in the South of France...but no humming birds that I ever saw! I spent many happy hours watching them in my daughter's Canadian house.

  6. Dear Mary, I never get tired of your beautiful photographs. These are very special. What perfect subjects, Hummingbirds and Morning Glories.

  7. Mary, bombard us with your gorgeous photos all you want. I smile at the beauty that comes each time I open one of your posts. Amazing!

  8. Beautiful pics..........thanks for visiting my blog, much appreciated.

  9. Hi Mary, I've enjoyed a lot of hummingbirds at our feeders and flowers this summer. They've been very busy fighting and squawking. You got some sweet captures of this one visiting your morning glories from inside the house. I hope you have a beautiful day. xx Pam

  10. Love the photos and hummers, but I must say, that morning glory is perfection.

  11. Great job in capturing these marvelous creatures! They do give you a lesson in patience, that's for sure! I haven't tried to photograph any this year yet. Perhaps I will try in a couple weeks. My photo mojo stays absent most of the time.

  12. Wonderful photos, Mary! Love, love your morning glories and hummingbirds.

  13. Gorgeous photos, well worth the patience :-)

  14. I do love watching the hummers that come to my feeder. I have been gone on a trip and last night (the feeder empty) I saw the hummer sipping out of a mandevilla blossom. So, I got busy and refilled the feeder!

  15. Very beautiful photos, Mary!! I've never been able to successfully photograph a hummingbird. Just too fast for moi. xoxo


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