Wednesday, August 19, 2015

. . . . . . just stop by and cozy up to a bar!

OK, these look old-fashioned, don't they?
Just another way to use those homegrown Celeste figs.
My lovely friend Jeannette made them first with figs from my tree - shared 
them and the recipe with me. Sunday I made a batch of my own.
I may try freezing a few of these to see how that works. . . . . . 
they can cozy up next to the several bags of baked figs already
frozen for Winter desserts.

These are not fig Newtons. More like old-fashioned bars with a layer of honeyed 
fresh figs, cooked down to jam consistency with grated lemon peel and chopped 
walnuts added, then spread between two layers of crust made with brown sugar, 
butter and oats. Walnuts, lemon and oats are really healthy - just don't think about 
the sugar content!

However, I think diet days are looming in the near future after indulging in so 
many baked goodies around here in the past few weeks of fig harvesting. 
I'll be off to a couple of countries known for wonderful food soon. . . . . . and you 
can bet I'll be eating my share!


  1. They look and sound fantastic, Mary. Figs are showing up in our grocery stores. I love your ideas.

    Jane xxxx

  2. I have a tree full of figs that are nearly ready. These look absolutely delicious Mary but I have just to drool at them as I am oat intolerant :-) I think because of the Great British Bake Off that is adorning our tv's, the waistlines are now in readiness for a big flowing wooly jumper for autumn!! Take care my lovely xx

  3. Dear Mary, These wonderful fig bars look absolutely sensational. They look like they would freeze well. Then, maybe, the next step would be to open a temporary shop (while the figs are ripe) so that we can purchase a few bars. What do you think?

  4. These look wonderful Mary! I just started a low carb diet a week ago, so I will have to wait to enjoy something like these for a while!

  5. They sound delicious. My grandfather loved figs and made the most delicious fig preserves. I miss his many treats made of figs....

  6. Not sure my comment went though, but I would love this recipe.

    1. Marilyn, I'll send the recipe soon.
      Mary -


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