Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Jam sessions. . . . . . . . . . . .

The jam sessions are done, over, finished, completed for this season,
honestly I just can't make anymore!

Bob must have picked 50 pounds of ripe and juicy figs over the past 
couple of weeks. They're still coming and I'm still sharing fresh picked 
ones with several friends who enjoy them.
 I've made enough jam to feed the neighbors and several friends, and I 
have enough of those little glass Ball jars in my mini overflow refrigerator 
to last 'til next year. . . . . . . and if you come by I'll definitely offer you one.

I've been baking with figs - an upside down cake, fig tarts - and tomorrow perhaps a 
fig-almond crostata, and a Turkish fig cake. Still too many fresh ones to eat in salads 
or out of hand so I'm now baking them. I trim the stems, cut them in half and add to a
large heavy baking dish with a little butter, and bake at 350F for 30 minutes.
On removing from the oven, all soft and swimming in rosy juice, I swirl in a couple of 
spoonfuls of French Miel de Lavande (lavender honey) or Wildflower Honey - but 
any kind will do, let them cool and then ladle into pint freezer bags.
I've marked the date and plan to use them within 6 months - they should hold their 
full Summer flavor that long. I'll be adding them to smoothies, breakfast Greek yogurt,
and probably bake more cakes and pastries through the Winter months.
I never knew until I planted my own little tree - now about 12 feet tall - that figs
would become one of my favorite fruits.


  1. Hi Mary, sounds like both of you are well thank goodness. I'm green with envy - all those FIGS! My favourite fruit :o) So delicious!
    Baked figs are gorgeous too. I buy fresh figs when I see them at a good price and make jam too. My sad little fig tree had one fig that fell off in June :o( We have plans to move it and plant against the south facing wall of the garage after we've dug out the kiwi fruits (supposed to be 1 x male and 1 x female) that have never fruited in the last 20 years.
    Keep well dear friend, and keep on enjoying your bounty :o)
    Love and very best wishes
    Rose H
    xx xx

  2. It's too bad the fig harvest happens all at once. You sure have found tasty ways to make the most of yours.
    I imagine it smells divine in your kitchen these days.

  3. Oh yummm! Now I am off to pick plums. Yes our plums are prolific this year and today is the day I begin using them. Plum chutney today, then we will see what else comes from my kitchen.


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