Friday, August 7, 2015

Wandering through the 'District'. . . . . . . . .

On a recent quick visit to Washington, DC we took a little time to wander 
around one area we always enjoy, Chinatown. 

Nearby is the National Building Museum - a stop there to fall in love with the 
architecture all over again, and shopping at their great museum gift shop for 
books and unusual greeting cards, many by new artists.

Washington has certainly changed a lot since we lived in the heart of the city so 
long ago in the early sixties. We need a map to find our way around now - the 
streets feel so different with so many huge buildings reaching to the sky, it's easy 
to lose our way
The little shops we used to enjoy, such as the family jeweler where we 
bought our wedding rings, are long gone, and national chains have taken over.
However, the monuments, museums such as the Smithsonian, and fabulous art 
galleries, still stand, and the city is beautiful. 
Each time I visit I am overcome by memories of my first
months of living here in America when times were much different.

Here at home I'm still up to my elbows in figs!  So no visiting anywhere 
this weekend as jam production winds down for the season.
Other than picking a few fresh figs for recipes I decide to try, the remaining figs 
are left for the birds, or anyone who wants to stop by and pick their own!

Happy Weekend dear readers. Do enjoy your pursuits of happiness, and tell
us what they are if so inclined. We'd love to know.


  1. I finally had time to catch up with your blog and I'm happy I've found you at home for once!'m updating my blog with photos from our last vacation in Austria, you're more than welcome to visit

  2. Mary - I have always loved Washington DC. We have been there about four times and there is always so much to see and do. I don't think you could ever see everything there is to see. Once, the cherry blossoms were in bloom - beautiful! Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photosl


    1. Seeing the Spring cherry blossoms is always such a beautiful Washington sight Judy - that's when the city is really at its best if you love nature and flowers. There's something special every season though so tourists are always parading about and loving what's offered. My first Winter there was s cold and the snow was very heavy which surprised me - then Summer arrived and was so hot and humid I thought I would never be able to live there. I did, for a couple of years, and saw a lot of the capital city, then moved to cooler New England for several years before coming south. . . . . . . . and it's much too hot here too!

      Thanks for stopping by - Mary

  3. Fig jam ... yum! I love the gates of China Town (any China Town!). Always so pretty and welcoming. I enjoyed your DC post. Have a jam filled weekend ...!!!!

  4. Up to your elbows in figs! Now that's a good place to be Mary! The jam looks divine....and I bet it tastes even better! I've just bought a new recipe book written by an amazing Australian chef (but now working in London)...Skye Gyngell. It's called "A year in my kitchen"....big on flavour and taste and no mention of the dreaded foam or froth!!!! She does things like "Salad of pickle pears, walnuts, bitter leaves and Gorgonzola"!! A taste sensation. Not sure whether she has a recipe that includes figs....but I think you may like her recipes.

    And Washington....always wanted to go. The Smithsonian would be a dream to visit!!! I think I'll have to come up with a plan.



  5. Chinatown is very colourful. So fun to see. It's sad to see the small shops closed and replaced by the large 'box' stores or, as in our towns, pubs and breweries! We are off to an outdoor worship concert tonight and it's a gorgeous night for it too. Happy weekend to you. xx Pam

  6. Wonderful images Mary …. I love the fact that there is a Chinatown in so many cities.
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment over at mine. You bought back memories that I had forgotten about. XXXX

  7. Produce can be overwhelming this time of year, but oh so wonderful too. Figs, YuMMMMM!
    Wishing to visit DC one day, I didn't even know there was a Chinatown there. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!


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