Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cornwall's National Dish, the Pasty!

Pasty - pronounced like 'asti' with a soft 'a'.
A folded pastry case with a savory seasoned meat and vegetable filling.
A traditional food associated with the English county of Cornwall, in fact
their National Dish. Fortunately, now you can buy them just about anywhere
in the UK if you're unable to head southwest to Cornwall. 

Lovely delicious facts and history about the Cornish pasty HERE

This one was mine, ALL mine, and so delicious, perhaps almost as tasty 
as the ones my mum made when I was a child. In later years when she visited me 
here in the States, we'd always enjoy a pasty baking day - she made the best from
 scratch flaky pastry ever.
My favorite is the vegetarian version now and luckily pasty shops in England 
have a huge variety to choose from, including veggie ones.

We tried two different pasty shops in Torquay. Warrens was the first one and I
 enjoyed it the most. Bob and Jasmin seemed to like the second shop better  
 where we gobbled down our pasties on the premises at lunch.

Our pasties from Warrens we carried back to the cottage by the beach, warming them 
a bit in the oven and enjoying them for supper. Note this was where I picked up my first 
bottle of sparkling Elderflower and really fell for this lovely Summer drink.

If, like me, you have enjoyed watching the new adaptation of the fabulous 
Poldark TV series on PBS (series 1 finale was last Sunday - we'll anxiously 
await series 2 coming in 2016) the past several weeks, you will be familiar with 
the Cornish tin and copper mines which play a big part in the story. 
It was there the pasty was a daily nourishing meal which miners could carry 
with them into the dangerous mines.

Have you ever tried an authentic Cornish pasty?
Are you a fan of Poldark starring the very charming Irish actor Aidan Turner 
as Captain Ross Poldark?  
The Cornish scenery is stunning, and watching Aidan is extremely pleasant too!


  1. Only got to see a few of the series, but Poldark is a looker. My daughter and her friend tittered in England when they saw the sign pasties.

  2. If you ever get to Chicago, Mary, try this neighborhood joint. http://bridgeportpasty.com/

    Also, Mineral Point (home to Cornish Miners), Wisconsin is famous for its pasties.

  3. Donna - I think I get that! Saying the same word with a hard 'a' one describes those dangly, twirling, stripper thingys - haha! The English language can be comical when it comes to spelling and pronunciation!
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Mary -

  4. I have never had a pasty, but I would sure love to try one! They look amazing. Thanks for letting us know it's pronounced with a soft "a". I always pronounced it with a long "a". Never heard of Poldark, but then again, I rarely watch TV. Sounds like a good series though!

  5. Just looking at your pictures had made me hungry! I love a good pasty!

  6. Nothing like a proper Cornish pasty! But it should never contain anything but beef, potato, swede and onion. I know there are all sorts of variations now to suit different tastes.

  7. The Pasty looks yummy! I didn't know anything about Poldark until last week. It sounds like something I would like.

  8. I enjoyed this post so much after falling in love with Cornwall when my husband and I visited for the first time last year. I never tasted this Cornish specialty and am so sorry I missed it. They look delicious. And yes, I adore the television series "Poldark." I have started reading the books and am almost finished with the second one, called "Demelza." So happy to have discovered your blog!

  9. Yum! Now I'm off to cook them. Cooked them when I did 'domestic science' at high school way, way back.....they were delicious then so thanks for reminding me how yummy they are!

    Lovely blog by the way.



  10. Don is a BIG fan of the pasty - it is a favorite of Wisconsinites (he grew up in Wisconsin). I like them ok - but not nearly as much as Don does. You can get them most anyplace in Wisconsin and all the good farm wives have their own specialty. Here in Washington you can buy them at "Man Pies" - a cafe in downtown Bellingham. I wish they hadn't changed the name of the food. They always sell them at fairs and at the weekly Farmer's Market. Don says they are not as good as those from Wisconsin - which must be made from recipes handed down from immigrants. At "Man Pies" you can also get desserts - which really are turn-overs with fruit filling - I have to say - those are my favorites. I've tried my hand at making pasties - still could use a little practice, but Don loves them. I even have a small press that folds and seals the crusts - not as pretty as the ones in your photos. They all look delicious.

  11. The pasties look just wonderful. Now I want one. I will be looking for them when we visit England next year.
    Jim is watching Poldark and I had a glimpse this week. Maybe I will see if I can find it online. I really don't like watching the British shows on our TV. Not sure if it is my hearing or whether the TV sound is not good. When I watch on my computer with ear plugs, it is so much better and I can relax and enjoy. That is how I watch Downton Abbey.

  12. Oh, I sooo love a good Cornish pasty! Yummm.... my mouth waters just thinking of them and looking at those photos. Now, to have a mother make them from scratch? how divine. I don;t think mine has ever made one and even if she could travel would no doubt get lost trying to figure out how to make them at high altitude here in Colorado! :)

    No, not seen Poldark but I'm positive I would enjoy it. As it is, no TV, you see. If it comes to Netflix then I can watch it on my computer. The only exception is we've manged to watch Downton Abbey at a friends' but not sure we will be able to do that by the time this last season comes to the states!

    Wow, never knew that they eat Pastys in Wisconsin of all palces. That was interesting to read. must be the German roots or something.

  13. These look wonderful and my heart is warmed by the thought of you and your mother making these in you kitchen Did I miss a recipe or link? They look lovely!

    Jane x

    Jane x

  14. What can be better than sitting on a beach in Cornwall munching a pasty, and watching the world go by. Need to protect it from the naughty seagulls of course.

  15. I love, love pasties. David's Finnish ancestors settled in the UP of Michigan, where many Finnish men worked in the copper mines and carried the traditional pasty with them for lunch.

  16. I can't remember if we enjoyed pasties while in England or not Mary but they certainly look delicious! I am hoping the series Poldark comes out on Netflix so we can watch it. We love BBC shows. The accents are often tricky to catch though so we really have to pay attention. :) I hope your summer is going well. xx Pam


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