Monday, August 15, 2016

Feeling a bit Swedish today. . . . . . . . . .

When you don't have one of these nearby, but see one on a road trip, it's hard
 to resist quick stop. 
We did just that last week on the way home from the airport and our appointments
 with US Customs and Border Protection to apply for Global Entry.
Furnishing departments were definitely geared up for 'Back to School'  and
 I must say IKEA really knows what young people love to have in their personal
 space. Prices are affordable and design is always cutting edge.

However, many items require construction skills as they come flat-packed.
Don't know if I have the patience these days. . . . . . .and crawling around on hard 
floors while trying to put things together kills the old knees! 
Building furniture is a job for the young. 
 (Pardon the wrinkled linen pants - not the best for sitting in the car but
oh so cool on these 100 degree days).

We bought a few kitchen items, white bowls, wooden spoons, napkins, towels.
Then we headed to the food court where we stocked up on Swedish delicacies we
enjoy - cookies, crackers, dill sauce, and decided to try their coffee - will give you 
my opinion once I've opened and brewed.

I could spend an entire day just taking photos in IKEA.
Do you like to shop there?
What are the special items you would bring home?


  1. I always stock up on their dish towels with the red stripes. I need to head to the one in Charlotte next time I am there and get some more....mine are looking shabby and not in a good way :-).

    1. Penny, they have such great things for the kitchen - I only bought a few things and of course am kicking myself now! We have to go to Charlotte or Virginia - surprised there's not one in Greenville. A Raleigh store would do really well because the other locations really require an overnight due to distance.

      Mary x

  2. The food items are always fun to check out and bring a few home, especially their chocolate bars. Isn't linen clothing suppose to be wrinkled? That is what I tell myself, so I learn to accept a few wrinkles in my life.

  3. We like IKEA, too, Mary. I especially love their kitchen things and linens. Our wee kitchen in the mouse-house is from there.

  4. We have an Ikea just north of Austin, but I've only stopped a few times. It's like a maze! Don't think I've ever bought anything.
    You look so cute in your white jeans and blue and white top. '-)
    You are going to be so glad you got Global Entry!

  5. I've only been to iKEA once and it was quite an experience. I bought a throw for pennies and it still holds up wash after wash. Daughter Abby and her guy, Tom, caved a bought a sectional and coffee table. I thing they are both great. She was quite disappointed in the prices when we shopped one furniture store after another. This is a great place for young people starting out. Yes, putting together anything these days tries our patience!

    Love your outfit, you are very could give me a wealth of tips!

    Stay cool. This humidity is terrible.


  6. The nearest IKEA is on the mainland, 90 minutes by ferry with about 40 minutes by car on either side. The ferry is expensive - $90 for car and driver with a reservation, one way. This all means that one had better make the trip worthwhile, or share it with a friend!
    The wardrobe/cupboard in front of which you've taken our picture is in our guest room. When one buys a house without real closets IKEA is a great place to shop!!

  7. Hello Mary, lovely to see YOU for a change :-)
    We have a huge IKEA in Ludwigsburg - it is so big it has its own bus stop. More than half my flat is IKEA - like you say, affordable and the design is good, too. Also, I actually like putting the various items together! I "built" my entire bedroom myself, and lots of other stuff in my flat, too. The only item I needed help with was the wardrobe, because it is simply too heavy and too large for me to hold one bit while screwing on another.

  8. Don't need to go to Sweden for Ikea there is one down the road in Reading

  9. The one in Dallas is so crowded, you can't move.

  10. I always have a little hoard of their Mustard and Dill Sauce in the cupboard - lovely with all fish especially salmon.


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