Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Someone else's cat. . . . . . . .

This is Nala my neighbor's cat. She's all mine for a couple of weeks while
 he's up north on vacation in Massachusetts. I hop the garden fence 
twice a day to feed, water and scoop, share a treat, and chat for a while.
Nala is a big, shy, quiet girl. I love that she meows when I enter the
 house, then proceeds to the door of the sunroom telling me she wants to
 spend a lazy day in there, obviously bird and squirrel watching. 
I took this photo and sent it to her 'Dad', telling him, in her words, how well
I was doing my cat-sitting job, and that she missed him!
He seemed pleased to get the text. He loves this cat despite the fact he
was only keeping her supposedly for a short while - she belonged to his 
daughter's college roommate who perhaps didn't love her quite as much.

 Ms. Nala has now been a guest for well over two years. . . . . .

. . . . . . . and meanwhile lucky me gets to pick my neighbor's tomatoes 
whilst he's gone. Life is good. 


  1. Hello Mary, Nala is adorable. I have just found your lovely blog via Chel at Sweetbriar Dreams. WOW you have visited lots of great places.

  2. What a beautiful cat Mary - love her eye colour and the little black spots on her nose.

  3. Oh Mary .... Nala looks a beautiful cat ..... I think that she has fallen on her feet, living with your neighbour !!
    Enjoy the tomatoes !!!!! XXXX

  4. She's beautiful, I'm glad she found a good home and a lovely lady to care for her when the master is away!


  5. Nala is a beauty! What stunning eyes and beautiful coat.

  6. She is a lovely calico girl. They are usually full of character, fiercely devoted and have an edge to them. One of my dearest cats was our calico, Patches. She actually looked like Nala. I'm sure she will welcome you with open paws over the next two weeks. You'll probably find that she will really love your company in the morning after missing dad all night. Deb

  7. Nala is a cutie! We once ended up with a little black cat for the same reason. Our daughters roommate said she would pick her up at the end of the summer. Well she lived the rest of her life right with us. She became best palls with our other cat. Isn't that funny how that can happen!!! Smiling!

  8. Gorgeous ! She looks remarkably like my new cat / my mom's cat, her name is Honey :)

  9. She is similar to my new baby girl, Honey

  10. Oh she looks like my new cat/ my mom's cat Honey

  11. What fun - a kitty to visit with and tomatoes too. Enjoy the rest of the week my friend.

  12. Gorgeous cat, and certainly well fed :-)
    How sad that she was gotten rid of by her former owner so unceremoniously. But I am glad she has find a very good, permanent home with your neighbour, and a good cat-sitter in you next door.

  13. Dear Mary, There is no better payment for your good deed than a sun ripened tomatoe.

  14. What a beautiful kitty! Both she and your neighbor are lucky they have someone like you to take such good care of her.

  15. This kitten is adorable, she has big eyes and beautiful!

  16. She's a beautiful cat. Glad that your neighbour has given her a home and hope that it's a permanent one.


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