Thursday, July 6, 2017

If cats could talk. . . . . . . . .

Time spent with cats is never wasted ~ Sigmund Freud

I'm cat-sitting again. 
My neighbor is paying me in cucumbers, peppers, and hopefully
 by the weekend, several ripe juicy tomatoes!
Heaven on earth - fresh veggies within reach of the kitchen.
The veggies are growing in the front garden in view of all and sundry.
I'm hoping the neighbors don't think I'm raiding his plot.

This is Ms. Nala, a shy, quiet, beautiful calico cat. Yes, she's 
a big girl, and very independent as most cats are.
It takes several days for her to get used to me even though
 I've visited often. I think she has to first get over her 'dad' leaving
 her and going on vacation before she will allow me to lift her on to my
 lap for a little cuddle. . . . . . . . and sharing some sweet purrs.

Nala apparently likes spending time on this corner of the bed where, 
when she looks out the window, she can watch me stealing harvesting
 her 'dad's' vegetables.
I can feel her beautiful eyes watching me.

Interesting Calico cat facts HERE


  1. I remember Nala from a previous post of yours, Mary. She is indeed a beautiful cat and I bet she is just waiting for YOU to get accustomed to HER before she thinks you're on cuddling terms :-)
    The neighbours? Even if they should think you are raiding the vegetables, who cares! If they don't know that you are taking care of things in his absence, that just goes to show how little they know him (or you).

  2. Nala is a lovely looking cat. Enjoy the cat company....and the fresh vegetables!

  3. What a beauty. If I could only find someone trustworthy to care for my weenies.

  4. I do love calicos and Ms. Nala is a pretty one. Yes, cats are creatures of habit and when it is disturbed they let you know. Enjoy the yummy garden. We have some green tomatoes now, but it will be awhile before they are ripe. Off tomorrow to pick some berries for the freezer. What a treat this season of plenty is. Enjoy!!!

  5. If cats could talk, Mary, I'd be trying to reason with the five felines that have recently moved into our neighbourhood and who have decided that our garden is their personal toilet...

  6. Nala is strikingly beautiful...hope that she warms to you again.

  7. She is gorgeous with perfect markings ! I am the mother of a third cat. This was never my intention. But I had my two , one just out of kittenhood and the other old and quiet and slow and gorgeous. Then my Mom died and I was bequeathed the cat. ( actually my daughter said you take Honey or she goes to the shelter) so here we are ... Her name is Honey :) mom named her.
    She is huge, gives me a backache if I pick her up and she is sweeter than you can imagine plus comical with her markings and a tiny cat voice.

  8. She's a beauty, Mary. I do understand how it can take cats time to warm up to you when they are a wee bit stressed with their family leaving them. I'm glad it's you taking care of her. I am caring for two orange cats this week. :)


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