Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Oh deer!

. . . . . . . . you really shouldn't be eating breakfast here!

As you know, I was invited to harvest my neighbor's veggies whilst he took
 a vacation and I was cat-sitting his sweet Ms. Nala the past couple of weeks. 
 He's home now and still so generous sharing cukes, peppers and tomatoes with me.
 I'm giving back to him by way of a nice chilled bowl of cucumber gazpacho, 
after chopping and whizzing those fresh-picked veggies in the food processor.

She arrived yesterday morning just before 8 AM. The sun was already 
brilliant, the air heavy and steamy from the humidity of another 
typical southern summer day.
Heading to pick up the newspaper on the driveway I made a quick return
 to the house to grab the camera. Yes, the crazy lady in her robe was out in
 the garden again and taking more photos.

She was calm, watched me between nibbles, and when I said "no, you must
 go to another restaurant" she looked at me and slowly walked away to the next
 house down the street. . . . . . where there are no veggies, but they 
do have lovely hostas if deer enjoy munching on them!

I love this photo with the sun shining through the ears and
illuminating the whiskers. I know she (at least I believe it's a female) has
 apparently made a home in the small wooded area across the street, but
 I wonder where her family are - haven't seen a second deer yet. 

Nature never ceases to amaze. 
There's always some animal, bird, insect or reptile (I don't like the latter, 
especially the dangerous copperhead snakes!) visiting the garden, despite
 the fact we are not in the country and just a block off a main thoroughfare
 north of the city.

Have you had any unexpected visitors - from the animal world -
in your garden this summer?


  1. Oh, she is lovely. I hear there have been deer passing through on our property but i have yet to see one. I ran into a garter snake last week. a girl.

  2. I suggest your neighbors invest in Liquid Fence, a deer repellent. I found some at Wal*Mart. Course it smells so foul that I no longer can open my front windows. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    She is lovely as is your photo if her...

  3. I have a Mole, not as nice as a deer, and it seems to have decided to stay....!

    1. Moles I can take, it's the voles I dislike as they chew on the roots and kill my plants and shrubs!
      Mary -

  4. Dear Mary, Oh my, have we had visitors? Deer, Cows, Ducks, Geese, raccoons, horses, skunks, herons, pelicans, fox, voles, rock chucks, dogs, cats, no pigs, yet. Some belong to us, the more tamer creatures.

    Your Doe looks like she's been hit by a car. She is probably trying to find a spot where she can recuperate in peace. When she is ready she will find her group.

    1. Gina I too noted there were some injury marks on the deer - hopefully not from a car though! She definitely has no broken bones thankfully. They could even be bites from another animal perhaps - I must say though she seems fine and has been hanging out around the neighborhood for several weeks now.

      Yes, you have an entire magical sounding menagerie at your place in the country - amazing!
      Mary -

  5. I don't have a garden this year, but we have seen a couple of deer in my new neighborhood, and one crossed in front of me on the country road on the way to our house. Neighbors have seen a bear. I have also seen rabbits and we have a family of geese.

    1. No bears around here thank goodness Penny - please keep them up in your mountains!
      Mary -

  6. Beautiful little creatures. I love seeing them in the hill country of Texas where they are protected. They tell us not to feed them. However. A little nibble here & there can't hurt can it? Love your pics !!!!

  7. Deer are so beautifully graceful. It's too bad they are such voracious garden destroyers. The light through her ears is lovely. Nothing unusual in my garden recently.

  8. Really beautiful pictures, and I agree, the last one is great with the sun lighting her up like that.
    Most cities, even with a lot of traffic on the roads, have more wildlife than one might think at first glance. For instance, in the city of Stuttgart, an estimated 5.000 foxes make their living between people's gardens, dustbins and whatever rabbits, mice, rats and birds they manage to catch.

  9. Good series, brilliant pictures.

  10. No deers here, but a raccoon or two and plenty of crows. Oh those pesky crows, they make a mess of our bird bath.

  11. you seem to have more nature there than here and we're in colorado!


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