Thursday, July 27, 2017

A movie to remember. . . . . . . .


If you haven't seen the movie, run don't walk to the cinema.
I will admit that it's the only movie where I've sat trying to hold
 back tears from the very first minute until the credits rolled. 
In between I did allow some to fall and was glad I had a stash
 of tissues handy. This movie is not for the the faint of heart,
but is one perhaps everyone should see.
Even Bob was having a hard time as the emotional, 
breath-holding story unfolded on that huge screen with 
throbbing sound and in your face horror of what 400,000 men,
many still just boys, had to endure during those days while
awaiting rescue.

If you are of my age group and are familiar with the sad, frightening days of WWII, 
and especially if you are of British and French descent, you will already know what
 occurred on that French beach at Dunkirk in 1940. For me, the story was often
 recounted by my parents both of whom were in the Royal Air Force at that time.

Because they lived on the south coast of England, in a town from which many
 of the small pleasure and fishing boats sailed from to take part in the huge
 rescue and evacuation of those hundreds of thousands troops waiting just
 26 miles across the English Channel, Dunkirk's story has always remained
 part of my hometown's history.

This amazing movie, the way it was filmed, the musical score, with no
 unnecessary dialogue, and great actors, just has to be an award winner.
But much more important than that, to me, and I'm certain to all who watch,
it truly brings war closer to our eyes than ever before and makes us realize
 how devastating, heartbreaking, and horrific those days were. 

Composer Sir Edward Elgar's beautiful music 'NIMROD: Lux Aeterna' from the
 Enigma Variations is played during some scenes, slow and elongated like I've
 never heard before. For me it was a tiny speck of beauty and hope that such
 terrible times like that will never, ever be repeated.


  1. I can't wait to see it Mary. I had heard of Dunkirk, but don't know the story.

  2. Mary, this is one I want to see, and I rarely go to the movies. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the review.

  4. We are of an age where we remember so much of that terrible time. I've heard that the film is wonderful.

  5. Dear Mary,
    Thank you for this post! My husband and I saw Dunkirk this past weekend and it is just as you said, we were moved to tears and I was glad I had tissues in my purse!
    I didn't know the music but I only know that the music was perfect to go along with the film. Did you know that Hans Zimmer used the director's pocket watch as the ticking sound in the music? I found that interesting.
    I still feel emotional writing about this movie and find it difficult to put into words how it made me feel. I wrote a post about it but couldn't say much, if you read the comments you can see I was able to form a few thoughts later!
    Thanks again for your post here, I am grateful that you identified the music here. I tried to read the credits at the end, but it was hard to read through my tears.

  6. I hope the movie comes to our town. Yours is the second review I've read in as many days, with the same urging to see it. So many soldiers. Such bravery. Such sadness. Let us never forget.

  7. I will watch out for it Mary. Have you read the book, "Snow Goose " by Paul Gallico?" We had to read it at school so have always known some of what happened.

  8. An excellent film, honouring the memory of those who died, celebrating the many who came home, and acknowledging the bravery of all those who were involved in the rescue. But without glorifying war. Brilliantly filmed, superb casting and wonderful music. Well worth seeing. A reminder of the price paid for the freedom we enjoy today...

    1. Angela - YOUR in depth post about the movie is excellent and I've left you a comment requesting your permission to link to it in my post so others may read it. Hoping to hear back from you soon. Of course my readers can also click on your name here and go straight to your blog. . . . . . .they will be glad they did!

      Thanks, Mary

  9. My husband wants to see it, so I'll have to tell him of your review.

  10. We're hoping to see it in the theater in the next week. . .Thank you for your honest review; it does look spectacular. How wonderfully fitting to use Elgar's music.

  11. Thanks for your review. I had wondered if it was worth going to.

  12. Thank you for this wonderful recommendation! It's a movie I can't wait to see.

  13. Mary, i know you don't go the cinema much so this is really good to read. i have been debating spending the cash to see it there vs waiting for it to come to the TV but my youngest said it made one very patriotic British..even his gf who is not British blood (African American). I think Iwill see it then and of course we all had that in history and felt very stirred about such valiant efforts. My family always talked about it too from the stories of those who were in England then whilst my mother and aunt were in the orient. the musical score is so crucial so that is good to hear too.

    BTW, I cry at everything so yes, will probably sob uncontrollably and embarrass everyone!


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