Monday, July 24, 2017

They love suet feeders. . . . . . . .

I was surprised by this Northern Flicker - perhaps the younger of these two 
guys I viewed a couple of weeks ago HERE.
He waited on the suet feeder in this position for a very long time on Saturday,
 10 minutes or more, only leaving when I eventually opened the back door in hopes
 I could get better photos than these taken through the steamy windows.
Boy was it ever hot out there and the humidity awful!  Maybe he was just resting
in the heat, can't say I blamed him, it was like being in the jungle without the 
screeching monkeys.

Notice how some dastardly night visitor - raccoon perhaps - has already chewed
 up my NEW suet feeder, grrrrrrr!  The woodpeckers love these feeders as they can
balance their weight and size on the tail 'fin'. Other birds come too. . . . . . . many
 love suet and require fat in their diet for energy even in summertime. If you feed
garden birds you should do it year round.

Such a handsome bird. 
I hope your parents showed up and they took you away to a
 cooler spot for the evening hours.


  1. What an interesting bird. I had one here two years ago for a day visit. I don't put suet out in the summer as I found it would melt in the heat.

    1. Deb, I use no-melt suet blocks during this hot weather - also this one is the peppery one which hopefully keeps the squirrels away, apparently the birds don't mind the spicy flavor!
      Mary -

    2. Oh, I had never heard of that. Will look for some.

  2. You took some wonderful photos of that beautiful flicker! Hope things cool off for you soon.

  3. Great photos of the flicker. Such a lovely bird, isn't it? I have a flicker post to share tomorrow!

  4. I think you have just convinced me to hang my suet feeder once again. I had stopped a few years ago as I thought it was attracting woodpeckers that my non bird loving neighbors would blame me for when they started pecking on their houses.
    The Northern Flicker is a handsome fellow. One that I would be happy to see in my garden.
    This heat... ugh! Will it ever end?

  5. What a sweet little bird is the flicker. In such heat, no doubt the birds do suffer a bit, and look for a cool spot and a drink. I have not heard of people feeding suet to birds in Australia - I wonder why that is? :)

  6. Great Photos Mary. We see a few flickers now and then. Most of our feathery visitors congregate around the geese and ducks feeding station.

  7. A very handsome fella indeed and great photos even if they were through a window!!
    Have a wonderful week :)

  8. Northern Flicker- another bird I've not known of other than through you! Wonderful pics, as always.


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