Sunday, July 16, 2017

More golden faces. . . . . .

. . . . . .while on the subject of sunflowers (please forgive me if all this is a bit
 repetitious) I just have to show you how they look today, the first one is fully
 opened and the bees, both big and small, seem to be in heaven collecting
 pollen off those hundreds of what will become seeds.  

Oh how we all - humans and animals - seem to love sunflower seeds!

. . . . . . and look at this!  Had no idea until I looked at the photo on the
 computer - a small bee zooming directly in for a landing, wheels legs down,
 feast ahead!

More buds opening soon!
Now I'm wishing I'd planted many more.

Honey bee and bumble bee sharing a meal. . . . . . . . . so beautiful!

Thank you for your kind comments on the previous 'sunflower post' - hope you
enjoy these additional photos also.


  1. Superb photos Mary. Just amazing.

  2. Oh Mary what gorgeous photos, and absolutely brilliant shot of the bee coming in to land. We feed sunflower seeds to our lorikeet friends, every day, and they love them too.

  3. These are amazing photos. The second one is WOW!

  4. Aren't they fabulous. As are your photos. :)

  5. Love when unexpected photo bombers appear in our pictures. Sunflowers are pretty darn amazing and so gorgeous! I love when they are all tightly balled up and then furl forth. And the fact that they produce such lovely seeds is an extra bonus. We had some in the community garden this year but the neighborhood kids wouldn't leave them alone. :( Next season I will definitely attempt to grow some on my balconies. :) Have a great week.

  6. Beautiful Mary - your photos take me back to summers in France with my family,🌻🌻🌻🌻
    I'm missing my blog friends but work seems to take all my energy these days!
    I often read your posts with great interests!

  7. Picture no.2 is great Mary - that ernest little dive bomber heading straight for the flower - I love it when I put an image in the computer and a previously unnoticed happening appears on the monitor.

  8. Magnificent series of sunflowers in the foreground. Nice details and colors.
    Very well done

  9. Dear Mary, Not boring at all, when it comes to sunflowers and your beautiful photographs. Those with the green centers have always been my favorite sunflowers. They are also the sunflowers that produce the largest eatable seeds.

  10. Great photos. Sunflowers are so cheery. I have dwarf sunflowers in my garden and they have just begun to bloom. :)

  11. Your page's parameters do not allow photos to show at their original size. So glad that I opened the bee photo (that showed only a partial bee) in a new page...outstanding photo! Serendipity at its finest.

    1. Vee that's odd - nobody else has mentioned a problem seeing the entire photo(s). Even on my iPhone I can see the bee, and on our big iMac desktop. I use my MacBook Air and am using the same size for all my photos. I no longer have an iPad so don't know what shows up on one of those. I'm wondering if you are using a tablet of some kind. I do have Light Box enabled - you can click on one photo and all in the post will come up at the bottom as thumbnails and you can enlarge them there.

      Glad you enjoyed the sunny faces!
      Hugs - Mary

    2. Just peeking in on the "big" computer and I can see everything perfectly so the iPad is the problem. Rats. So much easier to visit that way. I'll just have to remember to take a closer look when using the iPad.

  12. Bright sunny faces! I love it! And I love the bee!

  13. These are fabulous catches, Mary, and not at all boring. In the first one, I can almost feel the sun's heat radiating out of the photo.

  14. That second picture of the bee coming in for a landing is amazing! Lucky you for capturing it. Perfection! Then all the pictures are wonderful, but that has to be a favorite.

  15. OH WOW! Mary, these photos are fabulous! Out of curiosity, what camera do you use? I love the one of the bee coming in for a landing...great capture or wonderful stroke of luck. :)

    We have only grown sunflowers once but your photos are making me want to do so again.

    Have a lovely week ~ :)


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