Friday, July 28, 2017

Nothing common about Ficus carica!

Yes, they're back, despite the killing three-day frost in March.
 I truly wasn't expecting much fruit this summer but both my fig trees are loaded!
Yesterday I picked the first ripening figs on the sunny side of the Celeste in the
front garden, and a couple from the Brown Turkey in the side garden.
These trees are now over 15 feet tall - not bad considering they were just 18 inches 
when I gently coaxed them out of their plastic pots and tucked them into the garden
nine years ago. 
Did I just say 9 years ago - good grief how time flies!
This old post will show you my first picking in 2009 and the fun I had
actually making a roast fig dessert.

HERE is everything you need to know about the amazing common fig, Ficus carica.

I pruned the fig trees last autumn and will have to do it again this year - they grow
 so quickly and are really too high for us to reach fruits at the top. Flying birds and
 climbing squirrels definitely have an advantage over us and are already pecking
 into the ripening fruits.
Today I'm sending the official fig picker out with the big green bowl - he can 
brave the mosquitoes, I'll stay in the cool kitchen calmly turning the pages of my
much-loved FIG cookbook for recipes.


  1. Replies
    1. Trying a new recipe with today's figs - hopefully will be yummy and can share photos later Penny.
      Mary -

  2. Was that really nine years ago! Wow, I can hardly believe it myself. Fig trees are very prolific; if only the fruit lasted longer!

    1. Sara dear - again have to tell you how much I've enjoyed your gift of the fig cookbook many years ago. This afternoon I decided to try a new recipe from the book and am making it now - caramelized onions, figs, Kalamata olives and Manchego cheese flatbread - using one of those really good Stonefire pizza crusts again which makes it quick and easy. If it turns out pretty I'll post photos later!

      Happy weekend dear friend - Mary

  3. I remember all the figs you had last year! I have never seen a fig tree, so I really enjoyed seeing your photo. I can only imagine how delicious and fresh those figs are, straight off the tree!

  4. Wow! I can't believe your fig tree is so large. Our one and only was planted 15 years ago and is half that size, but it is also loaded this year. I had my first one this morning with my yogurt. Picked two more today. Soon I will be wishing for a fig cookbook too. Yummm! I think I have a recipe from you from last year. Must find it!!!

  5. Delicious-looking figs! Such healthy bushes! Nine years to get them to this point...that's not bad!

  6. Dear Mary, Your figs look delicious. I love them so. Wish we could grow them in this climate. A friend brought one of those little fig sprigs in a plastic sleeve. Didn't even have one little leaf. Now it is bushy and 2 feet tall. I will try and grow it in my greenhouse this winter.


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