Friday, July 7, 2017

Pesto for Summer dishes..............................

I'm literally wilting as our upstairs air conditioning is on the blink and we are
 expecting another 95F day - pray the fix-it guys show up as promised or the
very hot weekend will be miserable.

However the basil is growing like wildfire!

 With the heat of the sun, and the addition of a few good heavy rain
 showers thrown in late in the day, I could almost make pesto daily now -
and those cucumbers from my neighbor's patch are non-stop - looks like
 more chilled gazpacho is on the menu tonight!

My first pesto of the season was so good!
Served over a short pasta shape which soaked up the sauce perfectly, 
it only required an additional grating of Parmigiano-Reggiano plus a
 twist of the pepper mill. . . . . . . .and Italy was in my bowl!

Dessert that evening was the simple French fresh plum cake. . . . . . 
. . . . . . . .beautiful colors, easy foods to prepare, delicious to eat.

Nothing is really more enjoyable than eating at home for me.


  1. I just bought some pine nuts yesterday to make pesto! I freeze mine in ice cube trays and then pop them in a zip lock back and use them all winter long.

    1. Great idea Penny, thanks for the tip - I must try that.
      Mary -

  2. Your Pesto looks extra delicious MARY. My Basil is coming along and soon will provide many little "packets" of pesto for winter pasta.

  3. Your pesto looks exactly like the one my Mum makes, and I bet it is just as delicious, too!
    Simple, genuine, home-cooked meals are the best, aren't they.

  4. Oh boy, that looks scrumptious, Mary.

  5. We find extra pesto freezes so well for Winter use.

  6. Your pesto sounds heavenly, Mary. I don't like the store bought at all, very bitter. I really like a bit of pesto smeared on good toasted bread and topped with diced tomatoes, green onion and garlic. Hmmmm....

    Your food pictures are superb. Wanted to ask about your camera...I like yours and I'm looking for something smaller than my clunky Canon Rebel. Can you email me?

    Love to you and Bob,

    Jane xxx

    P.S. Hope your ir conditioners are repaired by now.

  7. Each you always inspire me to eat a bit of pesto. Now running to the garden to see how my basil is growing and if it is ready to pluck.


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