Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Scribble Picnic. . . . . . . . . . . . . Dot and line

. . . . . . . .be creative with a black dot and a straight line!

Oh gosh, for a non-artist like me today's challenge 'thrown out' by our
 creative host Michael was really difficult. I searched through many, and
 I mean MANY, of my own photos and couldn't come up with anything to turn
 into a meaningful sketch. I was about give up and then thought
 'stick figure' - anyone can turn one into something made up of a black dot
 and a straight line.

My husband loves baseball. Each Summer he returns to his home town
to meet up with his brother for baseball and beers for a few days.
He'll be off to lovely cooler, greener, New Hampshire next week, enjoying
brotherly pursuits . . . . .and I'll be happy knowing he's happy. . . . . and I 
don't have to cook dinner for a few unbearable hot nights. 
Wine and cheese anyone!

SCRIBBLE PICNIC continues to bring out the best in our 
wonderful artists - do go visit Michael's blog today and see what
they've come up with.


  1. this is cute. I like the idea and you used the dot and line just perfectly.

    have a lovely day.

  2. Ahhh, Stick firgures ... right up my alley. It is the only way I can get a people drawing to resemble a people :) You are clever and thoughtful. Hope you enjoy your free time. I too like it when I get a reprieve from cooking dinner and especially if my hubby is off having a good time as well. Love your post ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  3. Mary this is so perfect and very creative! What a fun challenge this has been!

  4. This looks like such a fun linkup! Love your interpretation.

  5. Oh gosh, i love your happy stick figure, Mary! Totally perfect for the challenge and love the write up too. I've enjoyed playing baseball whenever I used to have the chance (well, ok, more likely, softball) but not terribly into watching it..but then again, I used to love getting hot dogs the two times I've done that!

    You know what is funny about your contribution, Mary? I actually, 1. thought it was the perfect set up for some stick figure fun and 2. had wondered what one earth you would be able to find for a photo if you ahd gone that direction! So, bravo! Excellent job. It is actually really well done! Love it.

  6. I think you brought your stick figure to life with that baseball. Very cute.

  7. Mary,
    Very good - brilliant actually.

  8. I think you hit a homerun with this! This is a wonderful way to use that shape.

  9. See, Mary, you CAN draw! There's not a thing wrong with your stick figure. In fact, he's quite well done and full of action!

  10. Such a fun piece Mary. I am glad you didn't give up and found your creative idea. Wine and cheese sounds wonderful!

  11. Oh what fun! Yes, I do believe you can draw. Wish Bob a happy time with his brother. That is also a fun tradition.

  12. simple stick figure but it had movement to it :)

  13. hahaha awwww I LOVE what you did, Mary! Look at you. Fantastic and so your post. You totally made me chuckle and smile ear to ear. :) Hope you're having a wonderful week! x

  14. And look who says they can't draw...I think you just proved yourself wrong, Mary. I LOVE this cute illustration! You even achieved the sense of movement with the ball. Good for you!

  15. I really like your stick figure idea, looks good!

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