Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Scribble Picnic. . . . . . . . Ladybug/Ladybird

Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home. . . . . . 

If you stopped here Wednesday morning you would have seen my entire post - thanks
 to all who left kind comments. 
I'd had problems posting that morning but it was visible for a while.
Later in the day my entire post just disappeared (although the comments remained!),
 flying off into Google thin air with the ladybird perhaps!

This was my sketch for Michael's theme this week - you can visit him here
at SCRIBBLE PICNIC to view the fun art done by our weekly group.


  1. I didn't notice any problems with blogger but they usually fix themselves. your post looks fine to me.

    I love flowers of any kind so I'm never tired of looking them. good take on theme.

    have a lovely day.

  2. Your ladybug sketch is perfectly beautiful! I love it!

  3. Oh Mary, I love this watercolor. Especially the way you framed it in the corner with flower. Very cute ladybug too. Like her legs...haha.

  4. Sweet ladybug picture Mary. I think a lot of nursery rhymes were scary!

  5. LOVE your ladybird sketch, Mary! And what a beautiful setting you created it in. Being from British and Irish background, I also grew up calling them Ladybirds but the little rhyme we learned was a bit different to your one. I must go check out your previous posts.

    Have a beautiful week ~ :)

  6. By the way, I'm definitely in a cooler spot here...around 6°C/42°F. hehe

  7. A beautiful scene from the ladybugs eye view ... she looks very content on your sunflower. Nicely done, Mary ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  8. Love your ladybug. There's just something about seeing ladybugs that makes you think of that little rhyme, doesn't it.

  9. How I love ladybugs. Your rhyme was part of my growing up also, but the words were slightly different.

  10. I like the focus on the lady bug with only part of the flower showing. Nice work!

  11. Well, I already knew you have an artist's eye because of your beautiful photos, but now I see you also have a bit of drawing talent as well. It's fun to see that you participate in Michael's Scribble Picnic. I am always tempted but never disciplined enough to sit down and "scribble" something to add to the entries. I love Alex's blog too.

  12. I really, really like that you took time to do this ladybug sketch. It's good she is keeping an eye on her home, just in case ...
    The flower is especially pretty!


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