Saturday, July 8, 2017

Sicily - Siracusa

May 11, 2017 - 7 AM - Island Sky docked at her berth at Siracusa (Syracuse). 
This was our last port of call in Sicily.

The approach to the city was somewhat murky that morning, however 
the closer we got the deeper the colors became. . . . . . .soon the details of
 the ancient ochre buildings became clear, beautiful and welcoming.

Our ship, Noble Caledonia's Island Sky, moving in toward her berth at 
the Syracuse waterfront - aways fun to watch the crew maneuvering a ship alongside
 and, as you can see, we couldn't have been closer to town which was great.

That morning I was really feeling the effects of the 'Euro-bug' which had hit me, 
several other passengers, plus the Island Sky's chef, quite hard.
I'd already croaked for three days with laryngitis, then a burgeoning cough over
 several days had me feeling lousy. 
Not going ashore was out of the question - most likely I would never be here
in Sicily again - so off I went, camera around my neck, bag stuffed with tissues,
Ricolas for my throat, and sunnies to hide my red, watery, no makeup eyes.

Still a few more stories to come from the May Sicily/Malta cruise - such a wonderful
 voyage to new to me places.


  1. What a beautiful place to visit, and the photos are amazing indeed. Warm greetings to you!

  2. It looks like an amazing place. I am so sorry you were sick while there!

  3. Oh Mary, I never knew a thing about Syracuse. What a beautiful place. I am beginning to think you need to start antibiotics before you leave and wear a mask. So many people get ill traveling. Kristin Chenowith, from Oklahoma, says she always puts Vicks vapor rub under and in each nostril when traveling.

  4. Your pictures are always a treat and this time they truly tell a story to me. I'm just so sorry you were under the weather. Still, your gumption and dealing with the odds makes me admire you (if I could any more than I do now), and I selfishly eat up the photos and narrative!!! Thank you, my friend.

    Jane x

  5. Although you might not have been feeling well, Mary, there was nothing wrong with your photo eye. Stunning, as always. The one of the bells is amazing.

  6. What a beautiful place Mary. Those ancient ochre buildings are just wonderful, rather like Venice to my eyes, and just as fabulous. I would not have been able to stop taking pictures! So sorry you were unwell, and hope it lifted quickly.

  7. Oh just gorgeous! Especially love the photo with the flowers hanging from the windows. It is the pits when you are traveling and get sick. So sorry you had to deal with that along the way.


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