Thursday, July 13, 2017

Up to no good as usual . . . . . . . .

Whilst on a mission to take bird photos in the back garden recently there were,
 as always, bushy-tailed interlopers practicing gymnastics. . . . .and these two playing
 peek-a-boo on a tree. I swear squirrels smile - don't you see them doing that here,
 with a glint in those beady eyes?

Of course they too were after the birdseed - they eat more than the sweet 
birds - but we keep filling the feeders out of the goodness of our hearts, 
for the love of nature, and the entertainment they provide while we're 
enjoying a cool summer supper, or just sipping a couple of refreshing
chilled drinks, in the screened gazebo.

Right now the temperatures have soared even higher - today the heat 
index will be 106F and this will continue throughout the coming weekend.
If I was in a fur coat I would not be chasing or playing with anything -
I'd be skinny dipping in the birdbaths!

"Thanks for the snack Mr. or Mrs. Homeowner". We cleaned out the suet 
feeder BTW - any chance of a refill?"

"Cool birdbaths you say - I'm headed for a dip right now!"


  1. I could spend hours watching squirrels!

  2. Such pretty pictures Mary. Though we love the birds, the squirrels provide comic relief. I'm not going back outside till late this evening.

  3. h my, dear Mary, what super shots. That little fellow peering over the feeder's edge gave me a most wonderful feeling...all happiness.

  4. Such cute rascals! They seem to be posing as they intrude on the seed! :-)

  5. Cheeky little fellows, and fun to watch!

  6. Such great captures! I'm so happy to read your recommendations on your camera. Thank you.

    And oh...these little varmints. I'm not sure why I have none on my property here in Michigan. They are a nuisance in Chicago. I do have chipmunks here, but they simply go around on the ground under my feeders once in a while, and I rarely see one at all. I'm so happy to have the opportunity to see so many varieties of birds now that I've added feeders. I'm able to keep them filled as I'm here almost full time.

    We need a good email exchange. Just some girl talk~.

    Jane x

  7. They are rather cute. I have zero patience or tolerance for them, however. Once they've been in the house, one learns just how vile and destructive they are. I need not feed them for there is an oak tree just beyond the sewing room window and they have a daily banquet.

  8. I have up ... the squirrels at the NY house were so bold and cheeky. I just hated it when they stole the bird seed when we had a lot of snow- the poor birds .. so I just threw out extra for all the little creatures ... my son teased me about my worrying about squirrels :)

  9. They are indeed stinkers and we keep feeding them too. What sweet pictures, Mary!

  10. Love your squirrel photos! But, ooh, too hot there! We just had a deluge of rain - in fact, a lot of Chicagoland is flooded. Just 15 min from us, houses and roadways are under water. We were very lucky that we were spared. Anyway, today was actually abnormally cool. I think it barely made it up to 70 degrees. I'll try to send some of that cool air your way!

  11. Wonderful photos of your squirrel.
    They can be so entertaining.

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