Monday, June 18, 2018

Hosta happenings -

Such special plants the hosta, grown mostly for their showy leaves. 
Sadly I've lost several over the years when voles have enjoyed 
their roots for breakfast!
My white flowering ones are over now, however this weekend the tall
 spires of blue ones seemed to open all together. . . . . . 
. . . . . . this morning the back garden is decorated with their lovely color.

These blue flowers may be the only cool touch in the garden 
all this week. Our temperatures will be the high 90's daily.
We are having to water now - a small storm was supposed to 
bring a little rain last night but it didn't happen!

Off early to drive neighbors to the airport this morning. 
A busy week ahead as we'll be "going on holiday" soon!


  1. The purple flowers on your hostas are so pretty, Mary! I have them with white flowers here at the lake but they haven't bloomed yet. I have purple, but much lighter than yours, in Chicago.

    I enjoyed the pictures of your garden...always something going on there!

    Enjoy your week!


  2. Lovely flowers. Somehow, when I think of hosta, I don't think of flowers and yet they produce such pretty ones.

  3. Many of my shade plants are flowering right now. I never know whether to pinch them off to keep the plant leaves healthy or not.

  4. Although I have several hostas in my garden, I'm afraid I take them for granted. Your beautiful close up photos of the flowers will inspire me to take a closer look at mine. Instead of just looking at it as a chore when it's time to snip off all of those flower heads, I resolve to visit each of the flowers while they are in bloom. Thank you for giving me a new way to look at hostas.
    We've just returned from Florida where I thought it was hot. It's even hotter here. Ugh!

  5. Your Hosta plants are beautiful Mary. They need a lot of shade, don't they? We don't have all day shade here, I wonder if I could still grow some.

  6. Beautiful garden collage! I really love hostas, but have not been able to grow them here at the haven. At my former home, I had several.

    Going on holiday soon...have a great time. Have you told us where? I have forgotten so will try paying attention for a change.

  7. I do love when the hosta's bloom. I had to run outside to see if our's were blooming, but not yet. Stay cool. It is unusual weather for us. It is rather humid with a big thunderstorm last evening. It is suppose to be in the low 90's this week, but so far today feels maybe low 80's and humid.

  8. That final collage is just breathtaking. So hot here and everything is just so dusty!

  9. Looks like a fine garden indeed. I think there is a hosta in every garden everywhere!


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