Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Heating up. . . . . . Daylilies and Sunflowers

Right now Bob is out watering. He beat me to the hoses at 6:45 am and is almost
done so I'm not even getting into gardening clothes - thank you Bob, I've saved
 coffee for you! I'll most likely have to do my share this evening - the heat index 
for today is 105 degrees - it will be a scorcher and people with breathing 
problems, such as my neighbor with COPD, need to stay inside with their a/c 
running full blast!

Even the cherub family looks hot this morning.

The daylilies love this weather. In all honesty, I'm not thrilled by orange flowers, 
however these double blooms (which I really don't recall planting) are quite lovely
 next to the blue hydrangea.

My sunflowers are dong well despite lower leaves, and a few buds, being
a nighttime snack for some creature passing through the garden - deer most 
likely. They have certainly grown by leaps and bounds these past couple of weeks
 and are now setting their spectacular buds.
These are all growing from the seeds I collected from last year's flower heads -
I feel like they are my 'children' and am so proud of them.

One of several of the sunflowers already in bud.  I think they are so 
amazing at every stage of growth, especially the strength and 
height, of the straight, strong stems readying to support the heavy 
 golden flower heads.

Hope your day is cooler than mine!


  1. We didn't have our French Country courtyard set up early enough to plant sunflowers beside it, but next year I will!

  2. What a perfect spot for sunflowers! We have the same orange tiger lilies here. The ones in the ditch in front of our house just opened today. I love them when they're blooming, but once the blooms are spent, they don't look so nice. We had intense heat (102 with heat index) on Sunday and Monday but thank goodness, it broke last night after some major storms. Our AC went out on Sunday morning, so we were basically camped out in the basement due to the intense heat in the house. It was 90 degrees in here! Such a relief with the cool air today! Hope you get a break soon.

  3. Those sunflowers really took off. I enjoy orange flowers and I really like yours!

  4. Your row of sunflowers is going to be stunning. Like you, I'm not a fan of orange flowers, but I do have a patch of day lilies right next to a hydrangea bush, too. The blue and orange are very complementary. Ouf, 105 degrees is unbearable, and it's so early, yet. Stay cool, Mary.

  5. I love the complimentary colors of orange and blue together. So pretty. And the sunflower before it opens is every bit as beautiful in it's green form.

  6. Don't much like sweltering days. Take care! We hit 91 today and suppose to be 93 tomorrow, then cooling off on Thursday. So I can't complain. Love, love your sunflower children. I will look forward to seeing them in bloom. I also am not fond of the lily's and that color, but they are pretty in other yards. Today my "live-in gardener" started cutting down one of our old cherry trees. I hate to see it go, but it is almost dead. Hoping he can make some cherry wood cutting boards and coasters.


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