Sunday, June 24, 2018

Life is a balancing act. . . . . . .

I wasn't going to post today.  
It's unbearably HOT!  
Already heading toward 96F high by noon, and another whole week of the same.
Our a/c upstairs is on the blink - just throwing hot air around. I grabbed a
 small portable fan from the potting shed and am running that. Of course it's
 really just assisting by swirling the hot air, unless one sits with it blowing directly
 on the face, as I'm doing now! Thankfully downstairs is cool - I should go down there!
We'll be leaving town soon and there's no way our HVAC guy will come before
 then - too many 'real emergencies' to deal with in this sweltering weather.
So, heading north is in the plan - please let there be cooler weather in
 New England and Canada. I'll let you know when we get there!

Today I have a ton of stuff to get done. 
Have already changed and laundered bed linen. Trip packing is almost completed.
 Quick run around with vac and floor mop later - don't like to leave a messy house!
 Granddaughter Jasmin coming for supper - big salad, small pasta (easy, quick
 penne with Gorgonzola made in one pot). Far too hot to eat in the gazebo but the
 dining room is cool and comfy.
Have to cut basil - it's tall and beautiful - and make pesto today. Will freeze and enjoy
 in July.  Must organize potted plants, such as herbs, and place them together at side
 of house so kind neighbor will slosh some water on them now and then if no
 rain - which looks doubtful around here!

Last evening we kicked back, Bob with a cold beer, me with a very chilled glass of
 French rosé (well OK to be honest, two glasses!) and watched 'The Greatest Showman'
 with gorgeous, multi-talented Hugh Jackman (something about those Aussie men!). 
Loved it. Who doesn't love childhood memories of the circus - but are also glad they
 are mostly now history and the animals are saved. 
The music was wonderful and the performers magnificent, including the trapeze
 and aerial stars.

This morning I noticed my own aerial star performing circus feats as it gobbled up
 the birds' suet. It was so hot even at 7 AM I didn't even bother to open the door
 and shoo it away - so all these pix were taken through the windows.

This guy preferred ground feeding on dropped sunflower seeds from the feeder 
in front of the cottage. A couple of seeds have even germinated and have
 a chance of growing if left alone.
The blackbird has been visiting for several days, drinking from the birdbath and
 trying to hang on the feeder and steal a few seeds - looks like it's found a friend.

Enjoy a restful Sunday!


  1. I am sorry to hear about your A/C! We will be in the 80's here. Kent just finished building our outdoor fire pit and it looks great! Have a safe trip. Looking forward to hearing about it.

  2. Hope your AC is fixed as quickly as possible. I always dread summer. It gets so hot here and it won't rain until September - by which time everything is as dry as a bone. I sometimes wonder why we never moved to some kinder northern climate. Enjoy your trip.

  3. It hit 91 here today, but only for one day then it will cool again. I can put up with that, but not day after day as you are getting. It exhausts me. I love seeing your acrobat through your window and imagining a nice dinner with your Jasmin. Have a most terrific trip and hope you get to enjoy some cooler weather.

  4. That blackbird is really close to the squirrel! I think it wants to have some of what the squirrel is feasting on :-)
    I think I have mentioned this before - nobody I know in this country has a/c at home, not even many offices have it. That used to be alright until we started having really long, hot, dry periods in summer, sometimes 4-6 weeks with temperatures closer to 40C than to 30. I don't mind the heat as long as it cools down enough at night to allow for good sleep, and so I can not imagine having a/c installed in my flat. But I hate not having hot water and heating

  5. I hear you on the heat and no AC! It was horrendous last weekend. We've had a cool week and a warm-up this weekend, but not too bad...we still have no AC due to a horrible contractor, but this afternoon, a new contractor/company is coming. I am hoping and praying that we get new AC installed ASAP, as we're supposed to reach the 90's again by Wed or Thurs. I hope that heading north brings you cooler weather!


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