Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Scribble Picnic. . . . . . Plump

Our Scribble Picnic theme for today is PLUMP!  
 I realized, while preparing garlic for my Indian Red Lentil Dal last
 week, how important it is to keep fresh, plump garlic bulbs
 on hand. I really love garlic and use it a lot in my kitchen.

Photo edited to a sketch, colors added with pencils.

Last evening I grilled bread and rubbed it well with olive oil and garlic.
A bit of delicious crunch along with a main meal Cesar salad, plus hard boiled
 farm eggs, a few freshly boiled and sliced red-skin potatoes, and a couple of 
Greek anchovies mashed up and added to the dressing.
Hey, it reached 102F on the way home from some errands in mid-afternoon,
and the heat index was 113F. . . . . . . no way was I going to turn on the oven!

Throw on your cool sundress or shorts and sashay over HERE to
 Michael's blog where, hopefully, other members of our group will be
 sharing their take on the theme 'plump' - who knows what you might find! 


  1. Your salad prep sounds perfect, and garlic does have such a plump shape doesn't it? You made a great choice here, lovely piece Mary!

  2. Wonderful plumpness!! Your dinner sounds perfect! We're pretty much doing the same salads and sandwiches, I have no desire to heat the kitchen in this humidity! :)

  3. I found it hard to read past ‘Indian Red Lentil Dahl’....YUM! I do love salads with potatoes - be they mashed, boiled, or roasted. Garlic sure fits the bill for plumpness...great take for the prompt, Mary! I love garlic too...put it in just about all our savoury meals. Thanks for you caring words on my blog post. xx

  4. I always just used powdered garlic for cooking (because that's what my mother did), but a few years ago a daughter introduced me to fresh (plump) cloves of garlic. Better late than never!

  5. Well, I won;t be throwing on any sundress, I 'll have you know, but what a lovely post and beautifully rendered picture to go with it. Perfect. Plump garlic. Love it. And everything sounds soo good..especially as I eat my cereal tonight! Oy. hahah. Thank you so much. Mary.


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