Saturday, June 16, 2018

Peonies and Parsley!

Sharing, as promised, the beautiful peonies from LIDL.
I'm really enjoying this new to our area store!
I know I'm always raving about Trader Joe's floral offerings, and I always will
 as they are awesome for the money, but on Thursday LIDL also surprised with 
bunches of five pink peonies ($6.99) and I couldn't pass them by without grabbing
 some of the beauty to bring home. I picked a bunch with all the stems still in bud 
and this morning this is how they look. . . . . .the fragrance is just wonderful. 
 I rescued the greenery from the last flowers, all from my garden, still fresh. 
I love the touch of variegated ivy and spray of camellia leaves, but it's definitely
 the tall parsley, now gone to seed, that makes the display for me. I love airy, 
delicate Queen Anne's Lace but this Spring I haven't managed to find any 
growing in a place where I can brake, jump out of the car scissors in hand
and cut some! The parsley, cut from the pot outside the door, fits the bill
 here for me.

A bright and beautiful Saturday morning at the cottage.

 Enjoy your Saturday.


  1. Lovely, lovely arrangement. We have one of those stores coming to Asheville I think.

  2. How gorgeous is this arrangement dear friend.
    I came back to follow you back. Yes, I love the cloches. I am thinking what to do with my cloches, (I have only one vintage with a ceramic vase) for the breakfast area buffet too.
    We don't have peonies around here and they are such a lovely and romantic flower. The town where I live is American expats haven for retirement. Yes I have been where you say and the last time we went it was on a fab cruise with hubby's brothers and SILs. I love the south of America, it is always fascinating!

  3. That is beautiful. I may be copying you!

  4. Peonies are so lovely, and yours exceptionally so. I love the idea of using parsley gone to seed as an airy filler. Mine is headed that way. The peonies in the garden don't last very long at all. I haven't seen many of them in our stores this year.

  5. Your arrangement is so pretty, Mary. How clever to use the parsley as a filler or accent. Trader Joe is an amazing store but our closest is 45 minutes away. We are really hoping they get to our area soon. Of course we are spoiled in the city having so much just blocks away!

    Sending love,


  6. Peonies and parsley, how special is that. Love the bouquet. Now must go outside and find some parsley to add to my bouquet.


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