Friday, June 8, 2018

Staycation time. . . . . . .

. . . . . . . yes, we're doing another one just a few minutes from home!  
An overnight at very nice hotel tucked in between the new 'Midtown' area
of hi-rise office and apartment buildings, shops, restaurants, breweries,
 coffee shops, and cinema - you name it, they have it here.

 It's not a tourist location we'd choose of course, but as we had a free night 
to use from a national hotel chain, and it was about to expire, we 
checked in this afternoon.
The pool area was a magnet for the usual - families with young children - we are
 enjoying it from our window rather than out in the hot sun and 88F.

I'm sipping a nice chilled rosé right now and dinner plans are decided. 
We've not had Indian in some time so will be heading 10 minutes north
 a bit later to the Taj Mahal (no, not THAT Taj Mahal unfortunately!).
Hopefully some tasty vegetarian fare is on the menu.

Tomorrow we'll enjoy the included breakfast here, check out, and head
 back home down the street with our overnight bags.  

Photos via iPhone


  1. Sounds fun - I think it gives one a bit of a change of perspective on one's home town when staying at a different place there.
    Tasty vegetarian fare is almost guaranteed to be there on the Indian restaurant's menue :-)

    1. I ordered the vegetarian Thali option - it was so tasty and the fresh naan bread from the tandoor oven was awesome!
      The owner/chef is from Punjab and it's just a family run tiny restaurant - not a an Americanized chain!
      Mary -

  2. Replies
    1. Penny it was - especially as it was close to home so I didn't have to pack much!!!!

  3. Hope you enjoyed your overnight stay! We love Indian food and they usually have a nice variety of vegetarian options. In fact, I'm making a red lentil dal for dinner tonight. The link to the recipe is on my latest blog post, if you're interested.

    1. The food was very good at the Indian. I've printed the red lentil dal recipe and am planning to make it tonight for supper! Many thanks Melanie.
      Mary -

  4. I hope you enjoyed your close-to-home getaway, Mary. It's a fun thing to do.


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