Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Time to dine. . . . . . . . .

I spent much of Sunday doing this!
Even though I had promised myself it would be a day of relaxation I just felt
 it was time to make changes and start decluttering the dining room.
So I got moving, making this chore part Spring Cleaning, part downsizing.
At this point in time a future move is always in the back of my mind. 
Meanwhile fewer dust catchers will make life and cleaning easier.

I've painted this dresser several times in the 30 plus years since I bought it
 unfinished. I still like this grayish-blue shade so it will stay. 

With all the china removed, and gently washed by hand, I replaced some
 antique/vintage items, packed others up to dispose of, and placed some of my
 everyday plain white 'French Countryside' china so it's more accessible than
 in the kitchen cabinets. After all, that's what dressers were originally built for
 before fitted kitchens hung on walls were ever invented.

This is how it looks now with everyday dishware consisting of plates and bowls for 
serving food, cups and saucers for tea, and demitasse cups for coffee, all at hand.
Some antiques remain - many picked up during travels to England and France - because
 they are special to me.  

Still other areas to work on - so I must get moving!


  1. It looks lovely! I keep my everyday red and blue transferware in the red hutch in my kitchen.

  2. I'll bet this was still a relaxing way to spend your day Mary. It's a joy to play with dishes, I find. Your step-back is my favorite on the blogs, always has been, and it looks gorgeous. I agree we should be using what we have every day instead of only when we have guests. Heck, we are worth all the beauty, too, right? I hope you enjoy having dishes close at hand now and you get to admire that beautiful show case daily. :)

  3. I've always loved what you do with this dresser, and this is another winner. Tidying up, disposing of things, rearranging - these can be a pleasant way to freshen up one's space. Your dishes are so pretty.

  4. Beautiful! Great minds must think alike because I've been looking at some things around my house lately too and contemplating the decluttering...

  5. You have a really lovely collection of china and antiques. I really like the way you display them. Antique pieces are so special especially if they have been in the family for years.

  6. It looks lovely, Mary! I am all for keeping your everyday things at hand. Every time I am at O.K.'s, I struggle with his kitchen cupboard where he keeps his everyday cutlery and crockery. The plates we use most often are placed behind a group of drinking glasses, making it very awkward to get one or two of them out without knocking the glasses over. I want to suggest a change there, but it is his place, not mine, and he does not seem to have any trouble with it.

  7. It looks beautiful! You have so many wonderful pieces.

  8. It is quite wonderful. I like the spoons in the mustard jar. I might just copy that idea. You inspire me.

  9. I am a lover of blue and white so this really speaks to me. The shade of your dresser is so pretty. I love our house for all the windows we have and the sunlight we get but I really miss having wall space to put furniture like this. The things I collected at flea markets and yard sales periodically come out in dribs and drabs. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home. Oh, and the flowers are beautiful too!


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