Monday, June 24, 2013

Atlasova Island, Russia............

Continuing the sail through the Russian Kuril Islands....... early morning sunrise and waking to the 
magnificent view of Atlasova Island.

This cool (39F), cloudy morning I decided to join the stalwart Brits - to show them I was still an able walker despite years of being a car-reliant, naturalized American, haha! I chose the scheduled 'medium walk' over the 'long hike' , the latter with no stops for photos and supposedly a long distance. This was a general interest walk to view the human and natural history.......but actually ended up being longer than the hike as we lost the trail and clambered over some pretty steep terrain, and all in Wellington boots as it was also a wet landing to get ashore!

I loved it all though. Just the fresh, clean air and silence was breathtaking. We saw an Arctic fox cross the snowfield. Several birds, their songs blown away on the wind, flew overhead. The vast expanse of plant life was just renewing after the long months of snow cover and freezing cold..................

..........stunning shades of green and purplish heather peeking through the gold and brown of the lingering Winter landscape.

Returning to the beach for the ride back to the ship....

..........with an escort of delightful sea otters, several 
with their youngsters along for the 'tummy ride'. 

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All in all an exhilarating morning.....definitely worked up an appetite for that waiting lunch. I never eat breakfast when a lengthy morning ashore without 'facilities' beckons!


  1. How quietly beautiful Mary. I love the cute otters!

  2. A 3 mile hike on no breakfast, oh dear, I would definitely be looking forward to that lunch. The terrain is so serene and amazing to see. I can just imagine the sound of silence here. Of course the otters are just fun to see.

  3. It looks so bleak yet it is beautiful too. And as Penny said, quietly beautiful. The colours in the landscape are lovely and soft - quiet. It is no doubt beautiful in summer when things are greener and there are wild flowers in bloom. Beautiful photos and mosaics. Pamela

  4. These photos are so amazing! Such a different yet dramatic landscape. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  5. It's a land that tugs at my heart - cold, but with a clarity of air and water that is stunning. Such an exhilarating walk! You must really have been hungry after all that exertion without breakfast!

  6. Your pictures are just wonderful.

    Have a sweet day.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  7. Every single picture is amazing but you had me with the Otters!


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