Sunday, June 9, 2013

Murky Moscow Morning................................

St. Basil's Cathedral.

Do you see them? Yes umbrellas were required as we headed 
out for our morning bus tour of Moscow. The rain came down 
quite heavily, but with umbrellas up we forged ahead. 

Commuting in the rain.

Who would dare miss the chance to view amazing sights such 
as St. Basil's Cathedral, The Kremlin and Red Square. 

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour - from the bus window.

Our group from the ship, being mostly Brits, were all 
quite used to rain of course! It was difficult taking 
decent photos, however I managed a few shots 
while balancing my umbrella and trying to 
keep the camera dry.

Later in the day the sun popped out, it was warm 
and wonderful, and Moscow took on an 
entirely different appearance. 
We hired a car and driver and off we went, cameras 
in hand to do it all over again. More pics to come. 

Our group heading to the entrance of Red Square.

I'm safely home now and guess what, it's raining buckets! 
Will soon show you more of my amazing journey 
from Tokyo to Moscow via the remote Kuril Islands 
and Kamchatka Peninsula.


  1. Despite the rain Mary, your pictures are so cool. Love the chap walking with his umbrella and bus window view. Very stylised. The onions look so colourful even though the skies are grey. Have fun. Paul.

  2. We visited Moscow over 25 years ago when it was still Communist and a closed society. It was quite frightening at times, but also exciting. I remember we saw the Russian opera singer, Chaliapin, being reburied in Novodevichy cemetery just near St. Basils Cathedral. He died in 1938 and was interred in Paris. Under perestroika Mikhail Gorbachev allowed his remains to return to Russia. Thanks for the memories.

  3. Welcome Home! What wonderful pictures, even in the rain. We are under a flood watch here in Hendersonville until tonight. Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Welcome back Mary. So glad you had a wonderful trip and I look forward to your posts on it. We had the tail end of tropical storm Andrea here on Saturday and got heavy rain all day. Today is sunny and warm. I prefer today. :) Hugs, Pamela

  5. Welcome home! Good to hear the trip was "amazing". Can't wait to hear all. That first photo, if it weren't for the umbrellas I would have thought it was a painting of the Cathedral. Those buildings must have been truly beautiful to see in person.

  6. Glad you're home safe and sound Mary after your amazing trip! Moscow looks wonderful - despite the rain. Looking forward to seeing more :o)
    After a couple of very dry weeks here, it's raining today too.
    Lots of love
    Rose H

  7. I have been following along on your journey, amazing, simply amazing..your photos let us all feel we are traveling right beside you..Thnak you for this! Safe and interesting travels to you..

  8. That first photograph looks like a painting. So colorful. What amazing photos in spite of the rain.


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