Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Home interiors update..................

My living room is small and comfy. The wall of windows faces north so the area is somewhat dark, especially on cloudy days, with no direct sun shining in. Many old stately trees in my garden, and in the property directly behind, also create shade at the back of the house.

I've added several mirrors in this room, even the coffee table has a vintage foxed mirror top. Mirrors can work wonders in a darkish room, as can subtle lighting.....and don't we all love to burn candles in the evenings.
I love this wooden lantern with the filigreed 'silver' top - found last week at Homegoods. I'd been looking for a really large one but the prices were high in places such as Pottery Barn. This one was a steal at just $24.99, and I already had the tall linen wrapped candle. I was actually quite bowled over at Homegoods....haven't stopped in for some time and was amazed at how much better the store looked, and the offerings, especially in the china department, were awesome. No, I refrained from purchasing more dishes.........but admit it was hard to pass up those pretty Summer inspired plates with coral, starfish and shells.

I did a little dusting and rearranging in the armoire - which is still expecting a long planned paint job. My Annie Sloan chalk paint is waiting, all I need are a couple of free days to drag that baby out from the wall and wield a paintbrush. So, nothing new added here, just rearranged my collection of decorating books.......and I did get rid of the dried hydrangeas in the basket on top as they were disintegrating. I should have plenty of this season's blooms to dry later in the year and can fill the basket again. 

Next week I'll be taking a little trip westward with my honey - and celebrating his birthday along the way......more on that coming up.


  1. Your living room looks charming and cozy, and very YOU. I love the mirrored coffee table. That's a great idea for allowing more light.

    We in Canada have Home Sense, which is comparable to your Home Goods, I believe. I love going there and looking at all the unique things they have. It's a matter of "get it if you want it" because it won't be there next week.

    Enjoy your little getaway!

  2. Hi dear! Oh I miss you! Your room always looks great. I can't wait to see how the armoire will turn out after you paint it. Thanks for sending pics of Jasmin's recital. She looked so beautiful! Dear, miss you much! I guess we both got birthday celebrations coming up. Only thing is that I haven't planned anything for Ry. Have a wonderful week! Loooooove you! Vanessa

  3. Your new lantern is wonderful Mary. I love the top on it. I am looking forward to seeing the armoire painted.

  4. Mary, Your living room is lovely. I love all the white upholstery. I am afraid with a black and white pup who thinks he is a lap dog, white is not in my future. Enjoy your trip and wishes to your husband for a happy birthday. Bonnie

  5. When ever I see glimpses of your home I just think it is beautiful.
    A birthday celebration, oh how special to be traveling west for celebration!
    Happy Birthday to your dear husband.

  6. Your home is so beautiful always. It just looks very relaxing. Happy birthday to hubby in advanced!

  7. It looks like a warm and inviting space! I think that cabinet will look awesome with a coat or two of chalk pain.


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