Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Carnival - Russian style...................

 After churches, cathedrals and museums, who wasn't 
ready for and hour in the park eating lunch and 
listening to some great foot stomping music!

Time for some genuine Russian dancing.......

The lovely ladies in magnificent embroidered costumes.............

Russian gentlemen - loved the man in purple - 
so "Dr.Zhivago"...........I must rent that 
favorite movie again soon......

....even the boys joined in.

This Russian lady was in charge of the 'piggy ride' 
and insisted on putting on her hat and kerchief, 
smoothing out her curvaceous Russian figure, and posing 
for her picture! How I would have loved to chat with her - 
but she had "no Engleesh", and sadly I had no Russian!

A pleasant sunny afternoon in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk's 
Central Park.


  1. I enjoyed your last two posts, Mary. Today's was so colourful. It must have been very entertaining to see. Enjoy your day.

  2. Looks like great entertainment! So did you try the vodka, LOL?

  3. Aren't the women attractive in their costumes:) Think I would have enjoyed this too.

  4. What wonderful memories for you and what gorgeous costumes for us!
    Rose H

  5. I really had a great time going through all your posts, and it was like being there me too ( Thanks for sharing your amazing experiences, with such beautiful photos and stories.

  6. Those costumes are so beautiful! It looks like it was a gorgeous day too!

  7. You know, Mary, in my head I know that Russia has beautiful blue skies sometimes, hot days, and lots of color. But somehow, I always picture Russia as grey and dull in my mind. Could it be because of the Cold War images that were published and were always dreary? I don't know. But you are showing me new images to hold in my mind - color and movement, happiness, women with beautiful skin and red lips. These are wonderful.
    As a sidenote, Russia has always fascinated me and I'd love to visit someday. Both of my grandfathers escaped from Russia after the first World War. They were German-speaking Mennonites living in the Ukraine. My grandmothers' families came earlier.

  8. How enchanting and full of color each and every photo. My heart would have sung to see a carnival with music and beautiful people. Oh my father's ancestors also were German-speaking Mennonites from the Ukraine.

  9. I love the piggy-ride lady, wouldn't want to cross her though, she looks like she means business! :)


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