Friday, June 14, 2013

Treasure Hunting International Style.......

I love brown transfer ware but only have a few pieces. 
Hopefully I'll collect more once I find time to get back 
to antiquing!

In Japan there was no time for antiquing and 
treasure hunting.............and no space 
in the baggage for large or breakable items. 
IF I'd had space these are the things I would 
have loved to bring back - the wooden votive 
prayer tablets at the Meiji Jingu Shrine......

...............and, among all the many bright and 
colorful lanterns, I spotted these cream and 
black lovelies which would have definitely come home!

So, right now I'm off for a quick visit to 
Suzanna's Antiques................for a 
little treasure hunting, and to pick up fresh 
farm eggs and veggies from my new 
favorite farmers from Walk Ahead Farms who will 
be there this morning (see them on my sidebar).


  1. Your journeys are so inspiring.
    I'm always here, following along.

  2. It must have been hard not to be able to take those lovely pieces home from Japan...

  3. I love transfer ware dishes too and picked up one yesterday in blue and white along with two white ironstone pieces. Those white and black lanterns in Japan were beautiful indeed. I hope you were able to find some small treasures to bring home from your trip. Enjoy the weekend and your gorgeous hydrangeas from your front porch! Hugs, Pamela

  4. I would have had a hard time resisting the prayer tablets, but even more the brown transfer ware at Susanna's. I hope you found some totally awesome treasures.


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