Saturday, June 29, 2013

I will always make time.......................

.............when possible, to stay in touch. But somehow life seems so busy always. I have a long list of things to do, things to fix, people to call, places to go, books to open, projects to start-finish-complete, slam the book shut on..........but it doesn't seem to happen. Meanwhile I feel that my busy, full life, although wonderful, may be passing me by. Am I missing the small sweet things? Little snippets of daily life which allow a pause, a break, a quietness, some silence, peace of mind, stare into space, put up my feet, sip an iced drink through a slow straw, see pictures in clouds, or nothingness for a short while.  

My sleeping front porch cherub.

Remember when we were children, how Summer seemed so long, so full of endless sunshiny days, no agendas, no rules, no deadlines - in fact when I was a child I doubt 'deadline' was even a word. I thought today would be a day like those eons ago, where I could rise without an alarm clock jolting me from a sound sleep. A day I could own. I planned to spend a little early morning time pruning the jasmine - it bolted again with the rains and is encroaching on the front entry to the cottage. It just didn't start off right. Last night's torrential rain and house-shaking thunder brought a dreary, damp morning. Soon it was humid and mosquitoes were swarming from the damp leaves. Instead I made the usual big pot of coffee even though Bob's away, and sipped until almost lunchtime. In between I did laundry, ironed, pulled out clothes for the upcoming trip, chose a few pieces of jewelry to take, looked in horror at the piles of toiletries and cosmetics I don't need to take for a little Summer vacation. I sent a few e-mails, I worked on a blog post about Kamchatka in Russia. I made healthy, green spinach and zucchini soup for when Bob comes home tomorrow. I thought about family members who have drifted away and how I miss them. I had my neighbors (three generations - a grandma, daughter and granddaughter) over for wine, cheese and a chat this evening. I thought about the lovely day I spent yesterday with my granddaughter at the mall...............and recalled how I seemed to be the only female there not wearing short shorts which made me realize I am old.

Yes, I am (getting) old. A good friend celebrated a birthday today, she is older than me. Most of my long time friends are as old or a little older than me. My few much younger friends - bless them for wanting me around - are marvelous women. I watch them, I listen to them, I see their energy, their lightness, their hopes and dreams for the enthralls me and makes me want to be young again, even a bit younger would do. I love their company and am happy when with them. They make me 'feel young', whatever that means. 

And now this day is almost over. Did I waste it, not really I suppose. Was it perfect, no, but it was pleasant and it brought me to this late evening feeling grateful for the hours I had.


  1. I love the smell of jasmine in the Summer evenings here in Australia. I made a point of planting jasmine in my gardens in the past and think I will afford myself a potted one sometime soon. We all have these days of reflection, that seem a waste of good daylight hours. Maybe we are too focussed on doing instead of just being. I know it sounds like a line out of some self-help book ~ but those hours have a purpose too.

  2. Mary...I wish I could just reach out and hug you. I have so much to say, yet so little to add to your eloquent and heartfelt post. Time is fleeting for all of us...It's difficult to live in the moment when it is gone in the blink of an eye. I do believe this was a day to remember, filled with family, friends and love, in every small act you did. Melancholy maybe? Of course, our very best memories are never too out of reach, never mind our age.

    Sending you much love, my friend,


  3. Hi Mary,

    I so enjoyed reading this very thought provoking and eloquently written post. I think most of us, at various times in our lives ask the same questions. Nearing fifty, I am finding that time seems to be slipping by me faster and faster. My sweet daughter is twenty-four; when did that happen?! From your profile on your pretty blog, I understand that you have travelled the world, you are still busy, and have a lovely family and a beautiful home - all wonderful things. I made a conscious decision when we moved to the village permanently, to slow down, enjoy my surroundings, and sit down with my imagination to catch up and create something challenging, fun and interesting, hence my blog. It gives me the opportunity to really take in my world.

    Hope you enjoy your time in California!


  4. Oh my dear... it bring tears to my eyes. How much I miss you! You know, I may not be as older or older than you but I do have these thoughts daily mostly. Yes, I seemed to be the one not wearing the short shorts as well... I see all my grays coming through and I realize I'm getting older too. I love you and I can't wait to see you again!! With all my heart, Vanessa

    1. Much of this post was of course because I'm missing you Vanessa dear!
      I loved these past years when we lived closer, saw each other often, did so many fun things together - YOU inspired me so much and were always so loving, caring and fun to be with.
      Of course we're still not that far apart that we won't be able to meet up now and will see you soon hopefully!

      Hugs - Mary
      P.S. You always looks fabulous in short shorts!

  5. Hi Mary, I'm playing catch up with your blog this morning as I missed the last two beautiful posts somehow. I love the lavender photos. My lavender is just starting to bloom and if we ever get some sunshine it will open up and I will gather some to tie in bundles. They smell so wonderful don't they? As for today's post, I also wonder where the time goes and sometimes long for my childhood summers with the long hot and sunny days and our play time with siblings and friends. Our little grandsons will be arriving this coming Friday and we are looking forward to a week of fun with them. It will be the baby's first visit here although we have seen him at their home. The older one is excited to go riding with Grampie on the lawn tractor and to play with his iPad. That makes me smile. How times have changed from our childhood to theirs! I hope you and Bob have a wonderful vacation trip and enjoy celebrating his birthday. Hugs, Pamela

  6. Yeah, short shorts are for the young (and the very young, in my opinion, lol) It is true that being around the young makes us feel younger. I love being around my grandchildren. It makes me feel younger, but at the same time it shows me the vast difference between my generation and theirs. I so enjoyed this post. Hope you have a lovely Lord's Day.

  7. Mary, first you are NOT old! I marvel at all that you have done in the past few years, the things you've experienced and the sights you've seen. Travel can be exhilarating but also exhausting. I think you must be getting a tad homesick for leisure days in your pretty garden gazebo. Home alone and missing Bob too. '-)
    I'm no spring chicken, and though our bodies may not wear short shorts or sleeveless tops for that matter, we are young in mind and spirit.
    Wishing you only the very best of what you want in life, dear Mary. Take care of yourself and find the source to rejuvenate. Hugs to you ~ Sarah

  8. Treasure this day. The unhurried days when we take notice of simple accomplishments. All the windows are open, a sweet summer breeze is blowing the curtians, the housework is done, the hum of the washer. The cat on the windowsill. Life is good.

  9. Mary, your post could have been written by me. I so understand each word and have thought the VERY same thoughts. How funny we have the same feelings. Yesterdays didn't have time constraints...and as we get older time seems to slip through our fingers like slippery oil. If you ever get the chance to drive south of Sacramento, Magpie is about an hour and half south..and I would LOVE to meet you. You are always welcome to come by our home, too. But have the most awesome of time at Lake A. and as you drive over the causeway, going east, look up to your left and say hello to my mom, Carol. She is up on Iron Gate...looking over the lake, as she had wished.

    Enjoy California. Tis hot here in the valley...109. yikes.

    much love,

  10. A wonderful post, and thought provoking too. Maybe the secret is having to plans for a day, just let if roll before you like a carpet of flowers and start walking.
    I have lots of Jasmine too, and its gotten big as a shed in one part of the garden. I have this tendency to let plants go wild so I'm keeping a watch on this one~
    I'm fascinated by Russia, enjoyed this tour so much

  11. I have many days as this one you describe. Old is in the mind.
    I smile because most of my friends are younger than me. I remember
    my grandmother always enjoying young friendships as she got older
    and I wonder if I am becoming my grandmother. Oh dear!

  12. I concur with the other comments Mary, a wonderful post.
    You (we) may be getting older, but you do have one precious advantage - a young outlook. Hold onto that Mary and you won't go far wrong :o)
    Lots of love
    Rose H

  13. Ah, Mary - you've done it again, as you often do. You've written something of how I feel. The last two months have been so incredibly full, and as I look forward I can account for every weekend between now and the end of October. I often ask myself if I'm missing too much - giving up too much. I hope not - but your post has brought the thought to the forefront and caused me to think.
    Thank you.

  14. What a lovely post that speaks to my heart...


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