Friday, February 21, 2014

Spring awakening...............

I'd no idea that Spring was out there this advanced on this very morning! The snow left, the sun shone brightly, and the temps. reached up into the 60's the last couple of days. It was a busy week for us - doctor appointments for check-ups, garage visits because silly me left my map reading light on in my car for five days (the snow covered the windows much of that time until it melted so didn't notice until I tried to start the car) and killed my old battery big time so had to get a new one. Also away from home for lunch and supper engagements, grocery store stops etc. In other words, I didn't even stop to look at the garden thinking it was still totally in a deep sleep!
Then, knowing a big storm front was heading our way with possible damaging high winds, I trotted into the garden to batten down the hatches and stopped in my tracks. Then I ran in for a camera so I could catch the budding daffodils and tips of the bluebells, all pushing through the brown oak leaves.......breathtaking touches of emerald and gold.

Sharing these quick pics with you........especially if you're up north and wondering what's hiding under all that snow. You will see Spring but until then I just thought I'd encourage you not to give up!

The storm? It seems to have passed now. We had a soaking heavy rain for about half an hour, and some distant thunder, but thankfully no high winds bringing down trees or causing power outages.


  1. Blissful photos! Yes, up in NY it is melting today and raining too....
    I envy you spring approaching.
    I have hopped over from Pamela's super blog where you ask if you should read The Goldfinch. I've just finished it on the recommendation of my lovely and bookish cousin. I have mixed feelings! I wanted it to be wonderful but felt it to be a 300 page book (ideas, characters etc) in need of a savvy editor.
    You must judge for yourself in the end I think!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Mary. It's so nice to see green there. But, we do know that in another month we will see a bit of that….just a bit….too. I'm glad the storm wasn't as bad as predicted. I guess my home is to get freezing rain from the same system. We'll be getting snow in the foothills and mountains tomorrow. Take care. Pamela

  3. You should have your first bloom tomorrow! Hooray!!! We have several daffodil blooms that are swelling up, so perhaps we'll get a bloom or two in a few days!

  4. How lovely to have spring surprise you with her appearance. I can just imagine the delight. So glad the storm was shortlived. Have a wonderful weekend, Mary.

  5. And so she comes...tripping lightly. It looks pretty lush and green to me.

  6. How exciting! I bet the air smells wonderful...I get just as much of a thrill from the scent of spring as I do with spotting my first shoots!

    I'm glad you didn't get another big storm. We have had terrible wind for 24 hours now. I haven't checked the news yet for damages. But it's been warm and the snow is melting quickly.

    Have a wonderful weekend. If you have a chance, look for an email from me.


  7. Our daffodils are at this stage also and it just makes me smile and run for the camera too.
    I am hoping for sun during the weekend, so we can begin to see bright shining faces. Just
    love seeing your garden photos. Enjoy Springtime, even if there is some rain.

  8. Those first signs of spring certainly make me smile. I walked out to see a few of my iris in bloom, and this afternoon on our walk I spied a red bud tree in full bloom. Spring is right around the corner. '-)

  9. Our snow finally is all gone, but I have not seen any signs of spring outside. I think you are a few weeks ahead of this side of NC.


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