Friday, February 24, 2017

Blue skies. . . . . . . .

Yesterday the skies were so pretty and
Carolina Blue was just that, really brilliant blue.
The clouds were white with shadow moments of grey,
 puffy, billowing, but slow sailing. . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . .and in the early evening they were 
tinged with gold as the sun dropped down to the west.
Branches are still mostly bare up there, reaching
for the heavens, a still and silent canopy above. 

Today, close to 80F expected again.
Birds think it's spring, they are full of songs and 
seem to be property hunting in the shrubbery.
This morning I've filled the feeders and suet holders,
 and topped up the bird baths. . . . . . .a robin was bathing,
 first I've seen in a while.
 The garden is lively and starting to get little pockets of
 color from daffodils, pansies, camellias and periwinkle.

Have a fine weekend everyone.


  1. Here too Mary, though 86 degrees turned into 50's today. You are right though. All the birds are looking for nesting spots as are the waterfowl. I am fighting them from messing up the sidewalks and porches. Don't want a repeat of last years swimming in the goldfish pond and stopping up the filter, but I think I am fighting a losing battle.

  2. A beautifully, almost lyrically written post here about the canopy of trees! So lovely. Thank you for you visit and marvelous tips (no pun intended). I replied there.

    Do you know why the US apparently has no English breed of Robins, jsut the distant larger American cousin we have here? I think/we all think just how sweet the lil' Christmassey English robins are that I can't figure out why someone didn't at some point bring some over. Surely, by now, there are enough places with similar climate? Up North at least in Canada, but no.

  3. The blue of the sky is beautiful! Have a lovely weekend also, dear friend!

  4. Beautiful shots you have captured of our Carolina blue skies through the canopy of trees, Mary.
    Our winter weather has, indeed, been spring-like. I am enjoying the morning birdsong, fresh (non-humid:) air and flowering trees, shrubs and bulbs. Just yesterday I had lunch outdoors at a local restaurant while overlooking their large bed of daffodils in bloom. Many people out and about enjoying the day.
    I thank you for your recent visit and inquiry into our well being. We are doing just fine. Seems like after the holidays we got into some household maintenance projects and my blogging time fell by the wayside. That was good for getting things accomplished, but I do miss my blogging friends. I hope to get back to it soon.
    Enjoy your weekend, dear Mary.

  5. Whoa! Stunning photos, Mary! Happy weekend, my friend xoxo
    PS - my daffies are starting to bloom....way too early!

  6. Beautiful blue skies Mary ...... ours are a little grey at the moment although, we have had a few clear blue sky days ...... not nearly so warm though, you know what the UK is like !! But, there is early blossom out and bulbs are peeping through the earth so Spring is on it's way. XXXX


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