Friday, February 10, 2017

Late to the hanging party?

When there's a hanging to be done I think perhaps I've been stuck in 
the Bulldog picture hook era. I have a ton of them in every size, and the holes in
 the walls to prove it! Now apparently there are other ways to hang, affix, stick and
 display wall paraphernalia, so when I decided to hang a vintage 'blackboard' tray on
 a piece of kitchen furniture I went in search of a new way which would not require
 drills, hammers, or making holes. Plus this option promises that if you want to
 remove the item it peels off leaving the furniture undamaged, hopefully.

So, when granddaughter Jasmin stopped by and left the sweet 'Love you💙' 
message on the blackboard (I love surprises like that) which at that time was
 propped up on the kitchen counter, I realized it needed to be hung where we
 could actually use it more easily for messages, menus and such.

This method of hanging is made by Velcro - yes the original Velcro
fastener company with an interesting history you can read about here. 

I bought the HANGables at Home Depot and just 10 minutes after 
arriving home, with no need to lug the heavy toolbox out of storage,
had the tray hanging. You just affix the easy peel tabs (4 in the package)
to the corners and press to the surface. As this size hangs up to 12 lbs
of weight it will be great for just anything I put on my walls.
The tray seems securely attached and I have no fear it will fall.

Have you used this 'hanging system'? 
If so, what do you think, and have your items remained on your walls?


  1. I love that idea and will have to purchase a pkg. Love the chalkboard and message.

  2. Mary, this is great to know. I've been looking for a solution to hang something on a stone wall. Not sure it is smooth enough for this to work, but I'm going to give it a try.
    Love the idea of the tray. I suspect you will get a lot of sweet messages. '-)

  3. They sound like a great idea Mary - I wonder if you can buy them here? and whether they would damage the paint on the walls or not?

  4. Hehehe, I love you lots!! Perfect place to display it

  5. Yes, and I like it, too. What a sweet message that precipitated this hanging of the chalkboard.

  6. I have never seen the Velcro hanging fasteners, but I'm a huge fan of the 3M Command strips. I use them to hang practically everything!

  7. I've used the 3M Command strips and had a picture promptly fall off the wall, hook intact. (And I followed the directions and waited). So I've not used anything like that since, but I'd certainly be willing to give the Velcro system a try! Your chalkboard is in a great place, with a sweet message!

  8. What a sweet message on the board! No wander you wanted to give it a good place in your kitchen. It looks great there!
    I've had Tesa strips like that for small items. My husband was a radio amateur, and he stuck a few of his smaller radio equipment to the wall above his radio desk, such as switches etc. They all remained firmly in place until I took them down after his death, and the walls did not even need to be repainted in those places.

  9. I used something like it in the NY house .. the hangable thing were clear and stuck so fast and amazingly strong.

  10. What a brilliant idea. I think I've seen them , but did't have much faith in them too hang something weighing up to 12.lbs. You have given them a good reference. So I night try when I get somewhere to hang my pictures. Still looking.

  11. Like Lorrie, my experience with these has not been good. I used some stick-on-the-wall things. The mask fell. The paint was still attached to the hook as it lay on the floor. My treasured mask was damaged beyond repair. Now I use hooks of this type for only very mundane things, like hanging the dustpan. I recommend that you carefully weigh the item to be hung and allow a significant margin or error before selecting which hook is best.

  12. Love the chalkboard tray there. No, I haven't used the velcro hangers, but good to know if I find I need something like this.

  13. Yes, we use this system too but too afraid to try it with some of the bigger paintings. It's perfect for smaller pieces like this though, and being that we rent, we really try to avoid knocking any nails adn holes in to the wall. :)

    Your board looks great there, btw.


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