Friday, February 3, 2017

Prune, Apple & Brandy Cake-----------------------

This is such an easy, and I would say healthy cake, if cake can be good for you!
Prunes, apples, almonds, yum.
Prepare your prunes the night before so they soak up the brandy and become really
 soft, then mix everything together and bake in the morning. 
It's an English recipe and and a kitchen scale is best for measuring - or you can
 convert the ingredients to ounces online.
I've served warm with whipped cream for dessert, or cool as just a moist 
slice of cake with a nice cup of tea.

Don't tell, I'm actually having a little slice for breakfast with my coffee right now!


  1. That looks yummy. When M gets home I shall bake it as a treat!

  2. That first shot could be a book cover. Just beautiful.

  3. That sounds to me like a great breakfast. I bet that would be good with soaked pears, too. And I love your dishes.

  4. It looks absolutely delicious. Breakfast is the best time for cake in my humble opinion.

  5. It looks delicious, Mary, and a slice for breakfast would take you through the morning, I'd think.

  6. Oh my - perfect with a cup of tea. I'll have to give it a try - as soon as I get caught up on my blog reading - I'm ever so far behind.

  7. Oh my goodness, that looks sooooo good! My mother always love anything with prunes, esp if adding cream. Brings back lots of memories, let me tell you.


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