Sunday, February 26, 2017

Warming HOT POTS. . . . . . . . .

Despite the very warm days we've had this past week and all 
through the weekend, and the bright spots in the garden where the
 spring blooms are already out, there's still a nip in the air early 
morning and the nights turn quite cold.

Cooking in winter is always a favorite time for me.
I make several different soups during the week, always a great choice for
 lunch or dinner, and often one of these warmers. . . . . . . . a veggie hot pot,
 basically a more chunky, thick version of soup more like a stew, and it means
 no additional entree is required - this is a filling bowl of healthy ingredients.

I'm sharing the recipe below - I do tweak it a bit by using canned beans which are 
fine and take much less time. I used butternut squash this time, any winter squash
is good, but I always add the rutabaga which I love. I did jalapeño pepper - one was 
plenty as it was large, and although I had to buy a bunch of cilantro, fortunately I
was able to clip fresh mint from the garden. 

I shared this healthy meal with you HERE a couple of years ago. As I made it 
this weekend I'm posting it again with new photos!
Sunday supper by the fire, perhaps while watching a movie or your favorite
 TV show. . . . . . . warming thoughts with a bowl of goodness in hand.


  1. I love soups in the winter - this looks really tasty. Love your header - we are ready for spring - though it is snowing again.

  2. Hello Mary, as a vegetarian this hot pot appeals to me. I love your kitchen...

  3. I love soups and this one sounds wonderful. Your pictures leap right off the page.

  4. The other night is was pretty cool so I made a pot of soup. Probably the only pot that I will make here in Florida lol I just put onions potatoes carrots and sweet potatoes in chicken broth and cooked it til it was all soft then slightly mushed it up with a potato masher and added a dash of curry powder.
    Nothing was measured.
    It was delicious .. having toasted pita with it is also perfect. :)
    love, Julia ( my husband used to call me Julia ( child) when I made something he especially liked :)

  5. Yes, That will be tasty Mary. I make a very similar soup but add the tinned beans near the end of cooking. I didn't realise swede and rutabaga are the same thing. What is that you are eating with the soup? They look like corn wafers?? ( made with polenta? )

  6. Thank you, Mary for the recipe. I love that it is meatless. yum! yum!

  7. Looks delicious! I make a similar recipe myself, although I can no longer digest beans, save for maybe one little bite! It really stinks, because I used to eat mostly vegetarian. With having IBS, beans now tear up my tummy. :-(

  8. I remember your previous post, but never made it. It does look good.

  9. I have actually started bookmarking your various recipes as am determined to try some of them, jsut as with the baked veggies which are now popped in the oven simmering. :) this one looks so good. Thank you. Your photo make me want to dive in right away and make it.

  10. I like the efforts you have put in this, thanks for
    all the great posts.


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