Thursday, February 23, 2017

Saucer magnolia, early garden splendor. . . . .

Grabbed the camera yesterday to take some photos of this lovely flowering
 magnolia liliiflora in the garden. I planted it ten years ago when quite tiny, 
just 18" in its garden center pot, and it's now about 15 feet tall. A moderately
 fast grower until about 20 years of age, it should top out around 20 feet with
 15 feet spread. One of the earliest multi-stemmed flowering trees in the USA,
 it blooms from late winter and is a beautiful first indicator of spring, with flowers
 opening before the grey-green leaves appear. . . . . . .I think you will agree
 it's very lovely.

With the temperature continuing very warm again here today and tomorrow - perhaps
 hitting 80F - we're enjoying the many blooming trees, shrubs and plants. However we
 are concerned that it will no doubt cool off with possible frost damage in the remaining
 weeks of winter. . . . . . . . a winter which never really arrived around here!


  1. I think it's been a strange winter all across the continent. Your high temperatures, our snow and then the confusing weather in California seem all to be evidence of the ongoing climate change. Your magnolia is gorgeous. I hope it survives any frost to come so that you can enjoy those beautiful blossoms for as long as possible.

  2. Your saucer magnolia is splendid Mary, and how beautifully it compliments the pale yellow ochre colour of your home. We wont be seeing magnolias here for some weeks yet. Snow and high winds in Scotland and the north of England, but luckily we have some sun and patches of blue sky.

  3. Hello Mary, what a beautiful plant and what stunning photos. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us. Greetings Jo

  4. Oh what gorgeousness in your garden. How I would love 70-80 degrees in our garden. It has been cold, but semi clear today, but tomorrow is predicted rain or snow. I hope they are wrong spring fever has hit.

  5. That magnolia is absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful sign of spring.

  6. Wow, Mary, these photos are absolutely ncredible and what a flower! GORGEOUS!! I so love it. That second shot of yours, is soooooo inviting, beautiful. How charming your place looks. I'd just want to pop in for a cup of tea or at least hope you'd offer me one! :)

    I left you a comment on my blog, but in case you did not have "notify" on (which I often forget to select myself), just wanted to say that: I did NOT know that (about Cassie) but now it all makes sense! I thought she was jolly darn good! :) So love having her participate and amazed she does with a new baby adn all, but I'm not complaining and its great exposure too for her with her FABULOUSLY written blog. (takes after her grannie come there, perhaps?) Hahaha, funny you of all peeps, mentioned the boat and islands -- they were inspired from reading and looking at your various grand shipping adventures! So thank you to YOU, dear Mary. :)

  7. Your photography is extraordinary, Mary. The flowers...stunning!

    I envy your temps. We were at 65 yesterday and I enjoyed shopping with Emily. Today, 30's with thunderstorms and then snow in the forecast. :(

    Jane xxx

  8. These are fantastic! So uplifting to see such bright colours and beauty on what (at least here) is a dull grey day! On the street next to mine, there are two magnificent magnolia trees in a front garden, but it will be weeks before they are going to bloom.

  9. Dear Mary, Thank you for these lovely photos of Spring colors. They lift my spirits. All is white and cold around here. I must remember, that after all, it's only February.


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