Monday, February 6, 2017

Winter garden chores. . . . . . . . . .

The sky early this morning.

The week has started well here - the new plumber we are using arrived on time
 at 8 AM to fix shower and sink problems. All flowing well now and perhaps we can
 get on with other waiting house projects on the long list. 

Potting shed in January ice storm. 

The temperature will reach the mid-60's today, even warmer tomorrow!
We plan some garden work, mostly trimming shrubs as it's that time of year for 
such jobs here in the southeast.  We may still have cold weather of course,
no way is Winter over, but having a warm break with a chance to work outside 
in comfort is a huge plus.

 The potting shed does NOT look tidy and clean like this at present!
Today might be perfect for donning gloves and a cozy sweatshirt 
and getting out there. . . . . . so that's it for now!


  1. I've cleaned out the stems and old growth, but waiting for them to come get up all the leaves and piles. I just called them again. Warm today here too so I'm planting some freesia bulbs and going to putter around outside. I'm going to read my British Country Living and listen to the flock of starlings outside with the door open. Aw spring. Can't come too soon.

  2. Sixty six degrees sounds so nice to me Mary. It is currently 18F here with a gusty northwest wind blowing snow across the fields. I hope you have a lovely day of puttering in your gardens and shed. xx Pam

  3. We're hovering around 32 degrees F today, with snow falling off and on. Enough snow fell overnight to call a snow day, so I'm taking it easy at home. Your potting shed is charming, even in a January ice storm. Enjoy your day out there.

  4. Enjoy the winter respite. Have fun in the garden. Happy you could check something off your list. That always feel oh so good.

  5. It would be nice to have such a warm day here in the winter. Our rain has finally come - after about 4 more inches of snow on top of our 6 or 8 inches - going to take a long time to melt. Don has worked from home for 3 days and today the Sheriff's department issued an emergency and declared all schools - including the Jr. College and the University - close tomorrow as a precaution against the ice storm that should hit here sometime tonight. This has never happened before. I'll be glad when we are back to our regular weather.

    We've done all our garden clean up that needs to be done - and the bulbs are sprouting in their pots beneath the snow.

  6. Your potting shed is so adorable and so wonderfully English to have one too. I love that! :)


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