Sunday, June 25, 2017

NO green thumb required!

Word Origin: 
Noun - green thumb
An exceptional aptitude for gardening or for 
growing plants successfully

House plants provide much pleasure for the city dweller with a green thumb. . . . . 
. . . . . and you can always cheat a little bit!

You just knew, didn't you? It didn't take long to realize I was not satisfied with
 two planters taking up all that dining room table space! 
We don't eat every meal there but when we do
it's good not having to move too many items, including faux plants.

Yes, tried placing them UP on the top of the Welsh dresser - much too close to
 the ceiling - I wish I had high ceilings. Cottage style homes don't of course!

I decided to split the planters - leaving just one on the table - and this is working well.

Yesterday morning when granddaughter Jasmin came 
for breakfast (she's dog sitting for my neighbors this weekend), we indulged
in fresh-made fruit smoothies with scrambled egg croissants and had plenty of
 room to eat.

Photo via Jasmin's iPhone

 The second planter I've placed here on the hearth, lightening it up,
bringing a little more of a summery feel to the living room.

Heavy rain last evening - I swear the grass grew an inch over night.
Today is so humid - the only garden activity here will be squirrels, birds,
and I see my very tiny chipmunk already out there munching on 
dropped seeds under the bird feeder.

Have a good Sunday - 'see you' here during the week!


  1. Goodness, that chipmunk is so tiny. :) I've been moving stuff around over here as I do some cleaning. Just a few simple little changes can make everything seem new. My dining table is always full but I keep hoping it will deter Jingles from sitting up there at night. So far no luck. :/ Have a good Sunday!

  2. Hi Mary,

    What a pretty dining room and your Welsh dresser is beautiful, love the subdued blue hue. All good in the end, I see, re: your greenery. Breakfast with your granddaughter must have been the highlight of your morning, and it looks both refreshing and scrumptious.

    Have a wonderful week,
    Poppy x

  3. How nice to have a granddaughter pop by for breakfast! Decorating our homes is an ongoing thing, isn't it?

  4. They look very nice for fake plants - these have certainly come a long way since the awful plastic flowers my Sicilian mother-in-law used to be so very fond of...!


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