Friday, November 2, 2018

A gift of birds. . . . . .

Look at these!  I found them this week whilst shopping for pansies at a 
local garden center.  They are little gift enclosures and were in a display 
by the cash register as I checked out. 

Naturally, being the bird lover I am, and one always looking for beautiful
 illustrations. . . . . . these came home with me!
They are blank for your salutation or short message - such as I've 
added here below - and even have a tiny envelope included.

I have found many really adorable Nature-inspired things in the gift
 departments of garden centers, and now, with the Christmas season
looming, I will soon be checking these shops for more pretties.
They usually hold a 'Holiday Open House' with sales and good buys
during mid-November, so a chance to purchase more expensive items 
at a discount!

I also brought home plenty of pansies and violas from the garden center.
Yesterday I planted up several large pots with 100 tulips. Topped them with
 a mix of large-flowered pansies and tiny sweet violas for winter color, and which 
hopefully will also keep the squirrels from digging out the tulip bulbs.

Yes, it's already November - and for me October flew by in a blur.
My BIG birthday seemed to last for a couple of weeks rather than just a 
day of my favorite month, and every day was full of good things. 
I have a lot of catch-up to do with all my blog friends - will be back with
you soon now Blogger is behaving.

Are you planting Spring bulbs now the weather is cooling?


  1. My pansies are in and flowering despite the rain showers. I have Tuips to plant but haven't got round to it yet...

  2. I thought about planting spring bulbs, but we have so many squirrels here I am afraid they might get to them. Maybe I will plant a few as an experiment and see how it goes. Those cards are lovely!

  3. I need to think about Spring bulbs. Thanks for the reminder. I have been thinking of somethings like asters and Russian sage in the garden in the spring, so hadn't really thought about bulbs. Love, love the little card illustrations. They are beautiful!

  4. Those cards are gorgeous! It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday month, Mary. :)

  5. I've only just recently gotten some pics of blue jays.... they have not been to visit my patio feeders before now.

  6. One has to have a certain level of hope in the arrival of spring to think about tulip bulbs. You have that! All I think about is how the critters are going to destroy my garden anyway. Harrummmpphhh...I am sure that one of us will be very happy for her choice to plant tulips, when spring arrives.

  7. Hi Mary: Oh, I love the cards; aren't they sweet. I would have come home with them, too. I just took some time to go back on your beautiful posts and enjoyed them so much. "Happy Birthday to you, lovely lady." I hope this will be your best year yet. Sending a hug, Deb (Annie and Wilson are waving. =^..^= =^..^=)

  8. How cute! I can see why you had a hard time passing up those sweet little notes. I especially like Mr. Bluebirds sunflower seed mask.
    Belated birthday greetings to you, Mary. With this impending move I am out of touch with so many things lately. Glad to hear you enjoyed an extended celebration.

  9. They're adorable - who doesn't love bird cards! I would have bought too!
    I especially love the first one - he looks like Biggles!
    You have the most wonderful birds in the States and I'm impressed how you all provide for them during the Winter months......they are precious.💖

  10. Dear Mary,
    I love your new cards but I remember seeing so many of your beautiful photographs of birds. Why don't you print your own cards? Everything you need is easily available on line.
    I wish I could plant pansies this time of year. It is just too cold. However, I did order some Parrot Tulip bulbs for my early Spring garden.

  11. Hello Mary,
    Your new cards are full of whimsy. What a fun find. Our dahlias keep producing blooms and the rosebushes, too. Crazy for so late in the year. I expect winter will arrive sometime this month.


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