Monday, November 19, 2018

Front Porch Café. . . . . . . . . . .

Over the weekend we put out some extra birdseed on the railing of the front porch.
 Our garden birds had returned in small flocks and attacked the feeders - voracious
 appetites meant fighting for perches. The now bare fig tree was often full of birds
awaiting their turn at the feeders - some have good manners apparently, others
push and shove!

And then there are these guys!  Definitely happy when they discover in no time
 another café to have breakfast, and gobble they did. . . . . . along with a few birds,
such as this House finch pair who managed to grab a few seeds too.

We watched a marvelous NOVA 'Nature' TV program at the weekend titled
 "A Squirrel's Guide to Success."  It was awesome and I learned a lot more about
 these creatures who are SO smart!  If you have a chance to view that program on
 your PBS station, go for it, it's great!

I swear squirrels smile when happy. They can be very naughty digging out bulbs
and eating blooms, but you have to admit they can be cute when not misbehaving!
We have squirrel-proof bird feeders they cannot eat from - expensive
but seem to work well. 

Do you have these little guys in your garden?

We're off to spend Thanksgiving in Arizona so, just in case I don't
get back online for a while, we send our best wishes to each of you
for a wonderful holiday celebration.  


  1. I’ve seen a programme on squirrels ...... was it about how clever they are, working out how to get into the bird feeders ? I know they are s bit of a nuisance but I do love them .... they bury their nuts in our lawn and we end up with little holes everywhere when they dig them up !!!!!
    Have a lovely time away and a wonderful Thanksgiving Mary. XXXX

  2. We have a ton of squirrels here by our house and yes, they are very naughty but oh-so-cute! They get into my bird feeder all the time. In fact, I think they eat more then the poor little birdies do. I need to get to the feed store where they sell baffles that you can put around the feeders to keep the squirrels out.

  3. I commented but not sure if I published it so just in case...those pictures are adorable, Mary! What a delight to have them in your backyard.

    Arizona is one place I always dreamed of visiting. I'm a winter girl at heart...mind you, we can barely call our sub-tropical winters a true winter. haha I don't mind a dry heat — just can't stand humid heat. Arizona is a reasonably dry heat from what I've read...not too humid, is that right?

    I hope you and Bob have a lovely time away for Thanksgiving. xo

  4. I truly enjoyed this post and your wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing and have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Great shots Mary. We do have a lot of squirrels around here. We don't have feeders because of the bears, but we have tons of acorns from the huge oak trees that the squirrels love. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    1. Yes I know you have bears Penny - do be careful! Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. I do and, because they have cost me a lot of money with their baloney, I am not as fond of them as you may be. 🙃 The latest was placing a “squirrel cage” on my chimney. 🍂🦃🍂 Happy Thanksgiving in Arizona!

    1. Thanks Vee - enjoy your holiday too.
      Yes, we had to have one installed on our chimney years back after a squirrel fell in and died there! It was gross I can tell you!

  7. Love your photography! We have lots of feeders for the birds, but we get few squirrels in our area of town (somewhere in Alberta, Canada), so it was nice to see yours so up close.

    Wishing you a beautiful day...

    1. Thank you Brenda, so glad you enjoyed the birds and squirrels of North Carolina!
      I see you're from a beautiful part of Canada - in fact one of my favorites to visit!
      I'll stop over at your blog soon - getting ready to fly away early in the morning!
      Mary -

  8. No squirrels here for us, although we used to see them. The house finches and dark-eyed juncos jostle for space at our bird feeder, neither is willing to share. It's who ever gets there first.
    Enjoy your Arizona Thanksgiving, Mary. Greetings to Bob.

  9. Those cute squirrels are definitely smart. They have figured out how to get birdseed from our "squirrel proof" feeders. They certainly make a mess. I even at one time put Crisco on the pole holding 2 of our feeders. It kept them away for a couple days and then they were up the pole again. Oh well!
    Have a wonderful time in Arizona.


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