Friday, November 23, 2018

Take a peek at Bisbee, Arizona. . . . . .

This is Bisbee, a short drive from my brother-in-law's home.
It's a historic place which became a renowned copper mining and smelting 
town following the demise of Tombstone which had turned into a ghost town
 by the 1920's.

The Lavender open pit mine is no longer in operation.

This area of Arizona is certainly different from where I live in North Carolina. 
Yes, we do have mountains in the western part of our state, however we also
 have trees and greenery as far as the eye can see, whereas here it is a dry,
desert climate and landscape.
We enjoyed celebrating Thanksgiving with many members of our
 Arizona based family, and some of their friends. Now spending a few 
extra days sightseeing before heading home to get ready for Christmas!


  1. Dear Mary, I thought of you both on the 22nd enjoying Thanksgiving this year in Arizona!
    How lovely to be with Bob’s brother and extended family.
    Arizona seems familiar to me as we have watched many great western movies so of course Tombstone was often one of the frontier towns.
    Great photos as always - they’re just as I imagine Arizona to be!
    Enjoy your little sojourn before the business of Christmas preparations😘xx

  2. An interesting collection of photos! About Arizona, I only know that it has hot, dry climate and a desert-like landscape. I like the old-fashioned shop signs!

  3. Have never heard of Bisbee, AZ. Looks like a nice little town. Happy holidays!

  4. I'd love to go there. I have bought many pieces of crystals and turquoise from Bisbee. There were and are hundreds of mines full of beautiful crystals and stones. Such history and magic there. I love the wide open spaces and ancient volcanoes. But, I am not a heat lover and do need a few trees and less cactus.

  5. Looks beautiful! I've never been to AZ.

  6. Some things don’t change...the scenery, the mountains, the desert...thank you for your beautiful photography.

  7. Oh! I want to see Arizona! The landscape is so very different from what we have here in the Southeast but then, I love all parts of our country, even if I haven't seen them all YET!


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